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Witch Hat Atelier 1 (Witch Hat Atelier) (TRA): Shirahama, Kamome/ Kohler, Stephen (TRN)/ Blakeslee, Lys (ILT)/ Oloye,: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Witch Hat Atelier 1 (Witch Hat Atelier) (TRA)
Witch Hat Atelier 1 (Witch Hat Atelier) (TRA)
Publisher : Kodansha Comics
Published Date : 2019/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781632367709

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Level: Extracurricular

A beautifully-illustrated story about a girl who longs for magic in her life and learns that, on the inside, she already is what she wishes she could be. Reminiscent of Studio Ghibli, this lushly-drawn story was voted one of the top 10 manga of the year in 2018 by the Japanese manga industry. In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream: She wants to be a witch. But everybody knows magicians are born, not made, and Coco was not born with the gift for magic. She's resigned to her un-magical life, until a travelling magician passes through her village, and Coco learns what everybody 'knows' might not be the truth.
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