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The Hakka Cookbook : Chinese Soul Food from around the World: Anusasananan, Linda Lau/ Lau, Alan Chong (ILT)/ Yan, Martin (FRW): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The Hakka Cookbook : Chinese Soul Food from around the World
The Hakka Cookbook : Chinese Soul Food from around the World
Publisher : Univ of California Pr
Published Date : 2012/10
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780520273283

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A97406017
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular

Veteran food writer Linda Lau Anusasananan opens the world of Hakka cooking to Western audiences in this fascinating chronicle that traces the rustic cuisine to its roots in a history of multiple migrations. Beginning in her grandmother's kitchen in California, Anusasananan travels to her family's home in China, and from there fans out to embrace Hakka cooking across the globe - including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Peru, and beyond. More than thirty home cooks and chefs share their experiences of the Hakka diaspora as they contribute over 140 recipes for everyday Chinese comfort food as well as more elaborate festive specialties. This book likens Hakka cooking to a nomadic type of "soul food," or a hearty cooking tradition that responds to a shared history of hardship and oppression. Earthy, honest, and robust, it reflects the diversity of the estimated 75 million Hakka living in China and greater Asia, and in scattered communities around the world - yet still retains a core flavor and technique.Anusasananan's deep personal connection to the tradition, together with her extensive experience testing and developing recipes, make this book both an intimate journey of discovery and an exciting introduction to a vibrant cuisine.

Foreword by Martin Yan List of Recipes Acknowledgments Notes to the Reader Introduction 1. Popo's Kitchen on Gold Mountain: California 2. Hakka Cooking in the Homeland: China 3. Leaving the Mainland: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mauritius 4. Across the Pacific: Peru, Hawaii, and Tahiti 5. Multiple Migrations: Toronto and New York 6. Return to Gold Mountain The Hakka Kitchen The Hakka Pantry Basic Recipes Table of Equivalents Bibliography Index