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Made in France: Cross-stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue (Made in France) -- Paperback: Delage-calvet, Agnes/ Sohier-fournel, Anne: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Made in France: Cross-stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue (Made in France) -- Paperback
Made in France: Cross-stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue (Made in France) -- Paperback
แต่งโดย Delage-calvet, Agnes / Sohier-fournel, Anne
สำนักพิมพ์ : Murdoch Books
วันที่ตีพิมพ์ : 2009/03
Binding : Paperback
เลขที่ISBN : 9781741963861

ราคาบนระบบBookWeb : THB 652.00
ราคาสำหรับสมาชิกบัตร KPC : THB 587.00

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Table of Contents
Introduction                                       7  (2)
Getting started                                    9  (3)
Stitch library                                     12 (2)
Projects                                           14 (2)
    Embroidered sampler                            16 (1)
    Child's pillowcase                             17 (1)
    Shopping bag                                   18 (1)
    Picnic cloth                                   19 (1)
    Garden apron                                   20 (1)
    Tea cloth                                      21 (1)
    Tank top                                       22 (2)
    Holiday napkins                                24 (2)
    Runner                                         26 (1)
    Satchel                                        27 (1)
    Recipe book                                    28 (1)
    Cross stitch tea towel                         29 (1)
    Child's dress                                  30 (1)
    Romantic sheet                                 31 (1)
    Cross stitch bath towels                       32 (1)
    Throw                                          33 (1)
    European cushion cover                         34 (1)
    Christmas decoration                           35 (31)
    Marriage sampler                               66 (1)
    Pot cover                                      67 (1)
    Good luck cushions                             68 (1)
    Secret notebook                                69 (1)
    Small pictures                                 70 (2)
    Jacket                                         72 (1)
    Stole                                          73 (1)
    Lampshade                                      74 (1)
    Lingerie bag                                   75 (1)
    Plant markers                                  76 (2)
    Embroiderer's keepsakes                        78 (2)
    Monogrammed tea towels                         80 (1)
    Kitchen apron                                  81 (1)
    Hand towel                                     82 (1)
    Place mats                                     83 (1)
    Linen pillowcase                               84 (1)
    Jam covers                                     85 (1)
    Notebook cover                                 86 (1)
    Vase holder                                    87 (35)
    Sneakers                                       122(1)
    Alphabet sampler                               123(1)
    School bag                                     124(1)
    Travel notebooks                               125(1)
    Dolls                                          126(2)
    Canvas shoes                                   128(1)
    Smock                                          129(1)
    Tea-time tea towels                            130(1)
    Table nepkins                                  131(1)
    Beach towel                                    132(1)
    Snack bag                                      133(1)
    Samples                                        134(2)
    Singlet top                                    136(2)
    Handkerchiefs                                  138(1)
    Bed linen                                      139(1)
    Seaside motifs                                 140(1)
    Hand bag                                       141(2)
    Embroidery pocket                              143

"Simple and timeless in red, white and blue, these exquisite needlecraft motifs can be used in a multitude of ways to create unique gifts and home accessories. Everything can be embroidered, from little canvas shoes to bed linen and handkerchiefs, from linen bags to cushions and from bath towels to cotton tea towels. These elegant and easy projects will seduce every reader into the simple art of embroidery."countries are now facing three critical challenges: how to engender a transformation of the production structure that creates many more productive jobs, how to make growth more inclusive, and how to stimulate a growth process compatible with environmental sustainability. This book brings together development scholars and practitioners from multiple academic disciplines and policy perspectives to analyze important facets of this triple challenge, to explore interconnections among them and suggest strategies for overcoming the challenges in the current age of globalization. Three features distinguish this book from other current works in the field.First, this book looks beyond the current global crisis and short-term growth opportunities and analyzes the challenges to development from a long-term perspective. Second, books on the barriers to development tend to concentrate on one of the three challenges, e.g. Barbier (2010) A Global Green New Deal on environmental sustainability; Cimoli, Dosi, Stiglitz (2009) Industrial Policy and Development on structural transformation; and Milanovic (2011) The Have and the Have-Nots on exclusion. This book, in contrast, brings the three challenges together to emphasize that they challenges are interlinked and that strategies and policies must begin to recognize these interconnections to address different aspects of the challenges concomitantly. Finally, the contributors to the book include some of the most renowned development thinkers of our time.

1. Getting Development Right; Eva Paus PART ISTRUCTURE OF PRODUCTION 2. Structural Change, Economic Convergence And Industrialization; Dani Rodrik 3. Still Blowin' In The Wind: Industrial Policy, Distorted Prices And Implicit Reciprocity; Mario Cimoli, Gabriel Porcile, Elisa Calza 4. Social Policy And The Challenges Of The Post-Adjustment Era; Thandika Mkandawire PART II: DEMOCRATIZING DEVELOPMENT 5. Inequality Of Opportunity, Income Inequality And Economic Mobility: Some International Comparisons; Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Paolo Brunori, Vito Peragine 6. Does Globalization Help To Overcome The 'Challenge Of Development?' Political Actors And Economic Rents In Central America And The Dominican Republic; Diego Sanchez-Ancochea 7. From Authoritarianism to People Power in the Middle East and North Africa: Implications for Economic Inclusion and Equity; Eva Bellin PART III: MAKING THE ENVIRONMENT COUNT 8. The Macro And Mesoeconomics Of The Green Economy; Jose Antonio Ocampo 9. Environmental Sustainability And Poverty Eradication In Developing Countries; Edward Barbier 10. Environment As An Element Of Development. The Growing Role Of Energy Efficiency And Environmental Protection In Chinese Economic Policy; Deborah Seligsohn