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Trust Me, I'm Lying : Confessions of a Media Manipulator: Holiday, Ryan: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Trust Me, I'm Lying : Confessions of a Media Manipulator
Trust Me, I'm Lying : Confessions of a Media Manipulator
แต่งโดย Holiday, Ryan
สำนักพิมพ์ : Portfolio
วันที่ตีพิมพ์ : 2012/07
Binding : Hardcover
เลขที่ISBN : 9781591845539

ราคาบนระบบBookWeb : THB 849.00
ราคาสำหรับสมาชิกบัตร KPC : THB 764.00

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ภาษา : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A48500000 A93661400
Place of Publication: United States
Textual Format: Computer Applications
Academic Level: Undergraduate
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Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1  (10)
    I Blogs Make the News                          11 (6)
    II How to Turn Nothing into Something in       17 (14)
    Three way-Too-Easy Steps
    III The blog Con: How Publishers Make Money    31 (10)
    IV TACTIC #1: Bloggers Are Poor; Help Pay      41 (8)
    Their Bills
    V TACTIC #2: Tell Them What They Want To       49 (10)
    VI TACTIC #3: Give Them What Spreads, Not      59 (10)
    What's Good
    VII TACTIC #4: Help Them Trick Their Readers   69 (6)
    VIII TACTIC #5: Sell Them Something They       75 (12)
    Can Sell (Exploit The One-Off Problem)
    IX TACTIC #6: Make It All About The Headline   87 (8)
    X TACTIC #7: Kill `Em With Pageview Kindness   95 (10)
    XI TACTIC #8: Use The Technology Against       105(8)
    XII TACTIC #9: Just Make Stuff Up (Everyone    113(10)
    Else Is Doing It)
    XIII Irin Carmon, The Daily Show, And Me:      123(10)
    The Perfect Storm Of How Toxic Blogging Can
    XIV There Are Others: The Manipulator Hall     133(6)
    Of Fame
    XV Cute But Evil: Online Entertainment         139(6)
    Tactics That Drug You And Me
    XVI The Link Economy: The Leveraged            145(12)
    Illusion Of Sourcing
    XVII Extortion Via The Web: Facing The         157(8)
    Online Shakedown
    XVIII The Iterative Hustle: Online             165(12)
    Journalism's Bogus Philosophy
    XIX The Myth Of Corrections                    177(10)
    XX Cheering On Our Own Deception               187(8)
    XXI The Dark Side Of Snark: When Internet      195(12)
    Humor Attacks
    XXII The 21St-Century Degradation Ceremony:    207(8)
    Blogs As Machines Of Hatred And Punishment
    XXIII Welcome To Unreality                     215(8)
    XXIV How To Read A Blog: An Update On          223(6)
    Account Of All The Lies
Conclusion: So ... Where To From Here?             229(8)
Acknowledgments                                    237(2)
Notes                                              239(8)
Works Cited                                        247(2)
Further Reading                                    249(2)
Index                                              251

You've seen it all before. A malicious online rumor costs a company millions. A political sideshow derails the national news cycle and destroys a candidate. Some product or celebrity zooms from total obscurity to viral sensation. What you don't know is that someone is responsible for all this. Usually, someone like me. I'm a media manipulator. In a world where blogs control and distort the news, my job is to control blogs-as much as any one person can. In today's culture...: blogs like Gawker, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post drive the media agenda; bloggers are slaves to money, technology, and deadlines; manipulators wield these levers to shape everything you read, see and watch-online and off. Why am I giving away these secrets? Because I'm tired of a world where blogs take indirect bribes, marketers help write the news, reckless journalists spread lies, and no one is accountable for any of it. I'm pulling back the curtain because I don't want anyone else to get blindsided. I'm going to explain exactly how the media really works. What you choose to do with this information is up to you.