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Political Philosophy A-Z (Philosophy A-z): Pike, Jon: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Political Philosophy A-Z (Philosophy A-z)
Political Philosophy A-Z (Philosophy A-z)
แต่งโดย Pike, Jon
สำนักพิมพ์ : Edinburgh Univ Pr
วันที่ตีพิมพ์ : 2007/09
Binding : Paperback
เลขที่ISBN : 9780748622702

ราคาบนระบบBookWeb : THB 1,859.00
ราคาสำหรับสมาชิกบัตร KPC : THB 1,673.00

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ภาษา : English

Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Library Journal - Reference Supplement 2008
American Reference Books Annual 2009 Volume 40
Recommended Reference Books For Small & Medium-Sized Libraries & Media Centers 2009

A comprehensive, up to date and concise guide to one of the most important branches of philosophy. Both topical and historical, Political Philosophy A-Z has entries on Hobbes, Marx, and Rorty, as well as entries which explain what 'contract theory' is, and gives an account of 'multi-culturalism.' This book guides the reader through the intricacies of political theory, enabling them to trace their way through a debate, fixing historical and theoretical points of reference along the way. It is well suited for students studying political philosophy at university. Political Philosophy A-Z links up positions, thinkers and theories without unnecessary technicality. It is a valuable guide to political theorising.