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Life's A Pitch What the World's Best Sales People Can Teach Us All: Broughton, Philip Delves: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Life's A Pitch What the World's Best Sales People Can Teach Us All
Life's A Pitch What the World's Best Sales People Can Teach Us All
แต่งโดย Broughton, Philip Delves
สำนักพิมพ์ : Penguin Boo
วันที่ตีพิมพ์ : 2012/05
เลขที่ISBN : 9780670921515

ราคาบนระบบBookWeb : THB 574.00
ราคาสำหรับสมาชิกบัตร KPC : THB 517.00

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Philip Delves Broughton bestselling business author of "What They Teach You at Harvard Business School", takes a sideways look at the greatest salespeople in "Life's a Pitch". What do the best rug seller in Tangier, the king of the US cable channels and the guru of the Japanese life insurance industry have in common? What makes the difference between an ordinary salesperson and the top 'gunslingers'? Philip Delves Broughton - author of the bestselling "What They Teach You At Harvard Business School" - has journeyed around the world to meet living legends of sales from all walks of life. Their stories are at once insightful, human and humorous. Delves Broughton reveals the ingredients needed to make a perfect sale, and show us how commercial genius might live in all of us. At every step of this journey we learn that selling - be it a product, person or even an idea - is something we all do every day. We are always pitching and presenting, trying to persuade people to accept us. Master the art of the sale and you will master the art of life. "A marvellous book about selling, and life, and who we are and how we tick ...dazzling". (Tom Peters, author of "In Search of Excellence")."You can never look upon a sale in quite the same way again. Buy "Life's a Pitch" and be enlightened". (Adrian Wooldridge, "The Economist"). Philip Delves Broughton is the author of the international bestseller "What They Teach You at Harvard Business School". He was born in Bangladesh and grew up in England. He served as the New York and Paris bureau chief for the "Daily Telegraph", and he now writes for publications including the "Financial Times", the "Evening Standard", and the "Wall Street Journal". In 2006 he received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. 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