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The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better to Live More: Guillebeau, Chris: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better to Live More
The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better to Live More
แต่งโดย Guillebeau, Chris
สำนักพิมพ์ : Macmillan
วันที่ตีพิมพ์ : 2012/05
Binding : Paperback
เลขที่ISBN : 9780230766518

ราคาบนระบบBookWeb : THB 568.00
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Table of Contents
Prologue: Manifesto A short guide to everything    xiii
you want
    1 Renaissance You already have the skills      2   (20)
    you need---you just have to know where to
    2 Give Them the Fish How to put happiness      22  (18)
    in a box and sell it
    3 Follow Your Passion . . . Maybe Get paid     40  (16)
    to do what you love by making sure it
    connects to what other people want
    4 The Rise of the Roaming Entrepreneur         56  (18)
    "Location, location, location" is overrated
    5 The New Demographics Your customers all      74  (18)
    have something in common, but it has
    nothing to do with old-school categories
    6 The One-Page Business Plan If your           92  (16)
    mission statement is much longer than this
    sentence, it could be too long
    7 An Offer You Can't Refuse The                108 (18)
    step-by-step guide to creating a killer
    8 Launch! A trip to Hollywood from your        126 (20)
    living room or the corner coffee shop
    9 Hustling: The Gentle Art of                  146 (16)
    Self-Promotion Advertising is like sex:
    Only losers pay for it
    10 Show Me the Money Unconventional            162 (22)
    fundraising from Kickstarter to unlikely
    car loans
    11 Moving On Up Tweaking your way to the       184 (18)
    bank: How small actions create big
    increases in income
    12 How to Franchise Yourself Instructions      202 (26)
    on cloning yourself for fun and profit
    13 Going Long Become as big as you want to     228 (16)
    be (and no bigger)
    14 But What If I Fail? How to succeed even     244 (17)
    if your roof caves in on you
Coda                                               261 (4)
Disclosures and Interesting Facts                  265 (2)
But Wait, There's More!                            267 (2)
Fish Stories Appendix: Twenty-Five Selected        269 (4)
Case Studies
Gratitude                                          273 (2)
Rockstars from the $100 Startup                    275 (4)
Index                                              279

Change your job to change your life You no longer need to work nine-to-five in a big company to pay the mortgage, send your kids to school and afford that yearly holiday. You can quit the rat race and start up on your own - and you don't need an MBA or a huge investment to do it. The $100 Startup is your manual to a new way of living. Learn how to: - Earn as much as you would from a nine-to-five job but on your own terms, when and where you want - Achieve that perfect blend of passion and income to make work something you love - Take crucial insights from 50 ordinary people who started a business with $100 or less - Spend less time working and more time living your life 'The money you have is enough. Chris makes it crystal clear: there are no excuses left. START. Start now, not later. Hurry' Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author 'Thoughtful, funny and compulsively readable, this guide shows how ordinary people can build solid livings, with independence and purpose, on their own terms' Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project
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