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Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere : The New Global Revolutions: Mason, Paul: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere : The New Global Revolutions
Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere : The New Global Revolutions
著者名 Mason, Paul
出版社 : Verso Books
出版年月 : 2012/01
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781844678518

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会員価格 : THB 575.00

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A31464000 A40502500
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Academic Level: Extracurricular
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Kirkus Reviews 2012 February #1
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Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1  (4)
    1 `Now There Is Freedom': Why Egypt's          5  (20)
    Revolution Is Not Over
    2 Nobody Saw It Coming: How the World's        25 (16)
    Collective Imagination Failed
    3 `Trust Is Explosive': Britain's Youth        41 (24)
    Rebel Against Austerity
    4 So, Why Did It Kick Off? The Social Roots    65 (22)
    of the New Unrest
    5 Greece: The Anomic State? From Austerity     87 (18)
    to Social Breakdown
    6 `Error de Sistema': Economic Causes of       105(22)
    the Present Unrest
    7 `I Tweet in My Dreams': The Rise of the      127(26)
    Networked Individual
    8 In the Tracks of Tom Joad: A Journey         153(18)
    through Jobless America
    9 1848 Redux: What We Can Learn from the       171(22)
    Last Global Wave
    10 `We Will Barricade': Slum Dwellers          193(20)
    versus the Super-rich
Notes                                              213(10)
Index                                              223

Our world is changing dramatically. The global economic crisis has given way to social crisis: corrupt and dictatorial politics enmeshed with a global financial elite - and an ever-widening gulf between the haves and have-nots. In 2011 this profound disconnect found expression in events that we were told had been consigned to history: revolt and revolution. In this compelling new book, Paul Mason sets out to explore the causes and consequences of this new wave of struggle. From London to Cairo, Wisconsin to Tehran, he charts the new forms of collective action: fluid networks of agile, Twitter- and Facebook-savvy networks of youthful protesters who understand how power works. The events, says Mason, reflect the expanding power of the individual and call for new ways of thinking about political alternatives, elite rule and global poverty.