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Farm Anatomy : The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life: Rothman, Julia: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Farm Anatomy : The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life
Farm Anatomy : The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life
著者名 Rothman, Julia
出版社 : Storey Books
出版年月 : 2011/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781603429818

BookWeb価格 : THB 599.00
会員価格 : THB 539.00

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言語 : English
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Table of Contents
Introduction                                       6  (4)
    Chapter 1 Breaking Ground                      10 (12)
      Layers of the Soil
      Topsoil Chart
      The Texture Triangle
      Mineral Nutrients
      Crop Rotation
      Contour Farming and Terracing
      Predicting Weather
      An Acre Is...
    Chapter 2 Raised in a Born                     22 (22)
      Barn Styles
      Timber Construction
      Barn Doors, Bracing, and Hardware
      Barn Cupolas
      Barn Birds
      Farm Buidings
      Animal Housing
    Chapter 3 Tools of the Trade                   44 (22)
      Tractor Implements
      How to Plow a Field
      Inside a Combine
      Other Machines
      Felling, Bucking, Splitting and Stacking
      In the Toolshed
    Chapter 4 Plant a Seed                         66 (40)
      Average Frost Dates
      Vegetable Anatomy
      Squash Varieties
      Build a Bean Teepee
      Dry Bean Varieties
      Pepper Varieties
      Tater Tower
      4 Ways to Grow Tomatoes
      Tomato Varieties
      How to Can Tomatoes
      Herb Chart
      Growing Grains
      Planting an Orchard
      Apple Varieties
      Good Bugs
      Bad Bugs
    Chapter 5 Separating the Sheep from the        106(64)
      Animal Terms
      Parts of a Rooster
      Comb Styles
      Chicken Breeds
      Fresh Eggs
      Duck and Goose Breeds
      Heritage Turkeys
      Parts of a Beef Animal
      How a Cow's Stomach Works
      Cow Breeds
      How to Milk a Cow
      Parts of a Goat
      Goat Breeds
      Hoof Trimming
      Parts of a Horse
      Horse Markings and Tail Styles
      Parts of a Hoof
      Draft Horse Breeds
      Draft Harness
      Parts of a Pig
      Pig Breeds
      Livestock Water Consumption
      Parts of a Sheep
      Sheep Breeds
      Shearing Sheep
      Parts of a Rabbit
      Rabbit Breeds
      Rabbit Coat Types
      Parts of a Bee
      Anatomy of a Beehive
    Chapter 6 Country Wining and Dining            170(36)
      In an Old-Fashioned Country Kitchen
      Wine-Making Equipment
      Edible Flowers
      The Basics of Breadmaking
      Dairy Terms
      The Basic Steps in Making Cheese
      Butchering Knives
      How to Cut Up a Chicken
      Prime Cuts of Beef
      Build a Barrel Smokehouse
      Prime Cuts of Pork
      Dry Curing
      Prime Cuts of Lamb
      Freezing Meat
      Pressure Canning
      Root Cellaring
      Making Maple Syrup
    Chapter 7 Spinning a Yarn                      206
      Carding and Spinning Yarn
      Natural Dyes
      How to Make a Flower Press
      How to Make a Cornhusk Doll
      Making Rag Rugs
      Making Candles
      Quilt Patterns

From keeping chickens to raising vegetables, the allure of farm life is permeating popular culture. Noted artist and illustrator Julia Rothman has caught the bug, and from her Brooklyn studio she offers "Farm Anatomy", an enticing visual guide to the parts and pieces of rural living. Dissecting everything from tractors, pigs, and sheep to fences, hay bales, crop rotation patterns, and tools, Rothman paints a richly entertaining and informative picture of life in the country. Readers will discover fascinating facts on every page, from the shapes of squash varieties to the parts of a goat; from how a barn is built to what makes up a beehive. Every corner of the barnyard is uncovered, revealing its own distinctive vocabulary and cultivating a new appreciation for the complexity of living close to the land. Known for her ability to communicate detailed information in a visual format, Rothman provides an irresistibly browsable book that will appeal to people of all ages. The practical and the curious combine in instructions for everything from making cheese to spinning wool.

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