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Big Book of What (Time for Kids): Time for Kids Magazine (COR): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Big Book of What (Time for Kids)
Big Book of What (Time for Kids)
出版年月 : 2012/06
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781603202411

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言語 : English
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School Core - Elementary - Reference
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Fast Facts - June 2012 #1
Table of Contents
How to Use This Book                               5  (1)
Chapter 1 Animals
  What Is a Dog's Most Powerful Sense?             6  (2)
    Try It! How Well Do You Smell?                 7  (1)
  Whet Is the Jacobson's Organ in a Snake?         8  (2)
  What Is an Aye-Aye?                              10 (2)
  What Are the Differences between African and     12 (2)
  Asian Elephants?
  What Is a Kookaburra?                            14 (1)
  What Fish Communicates through Farting?          15 (1)
  What Are Some Fish that Can Walls?               16 (2)
  What Is a Narwhal?                               18 (2)
  What Are Some Mammals that Lay Eggs              20 (2)
  Whet Is the Most Deadly Animal?                  22 (2)
  What Is the Oldest Living Animal Species?        24 (1)
Chapter 2 Space
  What is the Biggest Known Star in the            25 (3)
  What Is the Dark Part of Space Made Of?          28 (2)
  What Is the Hottest Planet in Our Solar          30 (1)
  What Is the Only Planet in Our Solar System      31 (1)
  that Rotates on Its Side?
  What Is the Largest Moon in Solar System?        32 (1)
  What Is the Difference Between a Comet and an    33 (1)
  What Is an Orrery?                               34 (2)
  What Is a Solar Eclipse                          36 (2)
    Try It! Create a Solar Eclipse                 37 (1)
  What Is a Blue moon?                             38 (1)
  What Is Earth's Largest Meteorite?               39 (1)
  What Was the Space Shuttle?                      40 (2)
  What Is a Space probe?                           42 (2)
Chapter 3 The Human Body
  What Is the Brain Made Of?                       44 (2)
  What Are Some Ways People Learn?                 46 (2)
  What Is Dyslexia?                                48 (2)
  What Is the Strongest Muscle in Your Body?       50 (2)
  What Is an Adam s Apple?                         52 (1)
  What Is the Funny Bone?                          53 (1)
  What Does It Mean To Be Double Jointed?          54 (2)
Chapter 4 Weather & Climate
  What Is the Driest Place on Earth?               56 (2)
  What Are the Most Extreme Daytime                58 (1)
  Temperatures Ever Recorded?
  What Are Some Weather Myths?                     59 (1)
  What Are the Northern Lights?                    60 (2)
  What Is a Monsoon?                               62 (2)
  What Is Acid Rein?                               64 (2)
  What Is the Northeast Passage?                   66 (2)
  What Is a Dust Devil?                            68 (2)
  What Is an Anemometer?                           70 (2)
    Try It! Make an Anemometer                     71 (1)
Chapter 5 Food
  What Is the Difference Between a Fruit and       72 (2)
  What Are Nutrients?                              74 (2)
  What is the Difference Between Omnivores,        76 (2)
  Carnivores, and Herbivores?
  What is Gelatin Made From?                       78 (2)
    Try It! Make Smoothie Pops                     79 (1)
  What Was the First Meal Eaten On the Moon?       80 (2)
  What Are Some Insects You Can Eat?               82 (2)
  What Is an Ackee?                                84 (2)
  What Are the Ingredients in Chewing Gum?         86 (2)
  What Is Poutine?                                 88 (2)
Chapter 6 Survival
  What If You Run into a Bear in the Wild?         90 (1)
  If You Come Across a Snake?                      91 (1)
  What If You Get Lost While Hiking?               92 (1)
  What Is the Lowest Body Temperature a Person     93 (1)
  Has Survived?
  What Is the Longest a Person Can Survive         94 (2)
  Without Water?
  What Is the Deepest a Person Has Dived?          96 (2)
  What Is the Longest a Person Can Survive in      98 (2)
  Space Without Protection?
Chapter 7 Sports
  What Is a Perfect Game in Baseball?              100 (2)
  What Is the World's Most Popular Sport?          102(1)
  What Is an Alley-oop?                            103(1)
  What Is Lacrosse?                                104(2)
  What Is the World's Longest Dog Sled Race?       106(2)
  What Is the Tour de France?                      108 (2)
  What is Spelunking?                              110(2)
  What Is Zorbing?                                 112(2)
  Is a Pommel Horse?                               114(2)
  What Is Motocross?                               116(1)
  What is Mancala?                                 117(3)
    Try It! Make Your Own Mancala Board            118(2)
Chapter 8 History
  What Is Skara Brae?                              120(1)
  What Did the Tuskege Airmen Do?                  121 (3)
  What Was the First Natural History Museum in     124(2)
  the US?
  What Is Ellis Island?                            126(2)
  What Is a Ghost Town?                            128(2)
  What Was the Jazz Age?                           130(2)
Chapter 9 Holidays & Festivals
  What Is Fruitcake Toss Day?                      132(2)
  What Is Sweetest Day?                            134(1)
  What Is Ratha Yatra                              135(1)
  What Is Tanabata?                                136(2)
    Try It! Make Your Own Tanabata Wish            137(1)
  What Is Holi?                                    138(2)
  What Is Soyal?                                   140(1)
  What Is Mardi Gras?                              141(1)
  What Is the Hungry Ghost Festival?               142(2)
Chapter 10 Mysteries
  What Was the Roanoke Colony?                     144(2)
  What Is the Mystery Behind Amelia Earhart's      146(2)
  What Is the Oak Island Treasure Mystery?         148(2)
  What Is the Mystery Behind Winchester House?     150(1)
  What Were the Cottingley Fairies?                151(1)
Chapter 11 Inventions
  What Is a Rube Goldberg Machine?                 152(2)
  What Is a Daguerreotype?                         154(2)
  What Is Djedi?                                   156(2)
  What Is a Penny Farthing Bicycle?                158(2)
  What Is GPS?                                     160(2)
  What Are Some Inventions by Kids?                162(2)
  What Are Some Foods Invented by Accident         164(2)
  What Is a Dirigible?                             166(1)
  What Is Kevlar?                                  167(1)
  What Is a Boomerang?                             168(2)
    Try It! Make Your Own Boomerang                169(1)
  What Is a Geodesic Dome?                         170(2)
  What Is a Hovercraft?                            172(2)
Chapter 12 The Future
  What Will Future Transportation Be Like?         174(2)
  What Will Space Travel Be Like?                  176(2)
  What Will We Be Eating for Dinner?               178(2)
  What Animals May Become Extinct?                 180(2)
    Try It! Your Help Matters                      181(1)
Glossary                                           182(4)
Index                                              186(5)
Photo Credits                                      191

The follow-up to the "Time For Kids Big Book of Why" and "The Big Book of How", "Time For Kids Big Book of What" presents kids 8-12 years old with answers to the kinds of intriguing questions that appeal to their sense of curiosity. Colourful graphics, spectacular photos, and clear engaging diagrams will help answer such questions as: what is the fastest animal in the sea? What causes acid rain? What is the most poisonous animal? What was the longest war on record? What will transportation be like in the future? Divided by subject area - from animals, the human body, and technology to sports, games and the future - the book's photos, diagrams, art and clear text will help kids discover the background behind the questions. "Time For Kids Big Book of What" is a must-have book to satisfy the most curious of kids.