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The Japanese Skincare Revolution : How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life - at Any Age: Saeki, Chizu/ Yokota, Kay (TRN)/ Takayama, Hirokazu (PHT): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The Japanese Skincare Revolution : How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life - at Any Age
The Japanese Skincare Revolution : How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life - at Any Age
出版社 : Kodansha USA Inc
出版年月 : 2012/03
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781568364063

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: P60550000
Table of Contents
Preface                                            9  (4)
Introduction The Tenets of Saeki-style Skincare    13 (10)
      Get the most out of your skincare products   14 (1)
      Take in beauty with all your senses          15 (1)
      Make the mirror your ally                    16 (1)
      Book time for yourself, not beauty salons    17 (1)
      Gear down in times of trouble                18 (1)
      Learn from a linen handkerchief              19 (1)
      Don't overfeed your skin                     20 (3)
        Beauty Column #1 Food and water will       22 (1)
        transform the skin in three months
    Chapter 1 Getting Started                      23 (8)
        Saeki-style skincare essentials (1)        24 (3)
        Saeki-style skincare essentials (2)        27 (4)
    Chapter 2 Skincare Basics & Massage            31 (22)
      Polish your skin inside and out              32 (2)
      Look, touch, ask                             34 (1)
      The five goals of skin beauty                35 (1)
      Moisture                                     36 (2)
      Smoothness                                   38 (2)
      Firmness                                     40 (2)
      Elasticity                                   42 (2)
      Clear complexion                             44 (2)
      Six Saeki-style massage techniques           46 (7)
        Beauty Column #2 Skin fasting---the        52 (1)
        ultimate care
    Chapter 3 Lymph Massages                       53 (8)
      Refreshen your complexion with lymph         54 (1)
      Lymph node pressure points for fresh skin    54 (2)
      Fight the double chin                        56 (2)
      Care for your neck                           58 (3)
        Beauty Column #3 The elixir of             60 (1)
    Chapter 4 Everyday Skincare                    61 (22)
      Protection in the morning                    62 (1)
      Therapy at night                             63 (1)
      Removing eye and lip makeup                  64 (2)
      Cleansing your face                          66 (4)
      Washing your face and ears                   70 (2)
      Exfoliating with facial scrub                72 (1)
      The three-minute lotion mask                 73 (6)
      Applying serum                               79 (4)
        Beauty Column #4 Prevent skin aging        82 (1)
        with daily sun protection
    Chapter 5 Cures for Problem Skin               83 (20)
      Preventing and repairing skin problems       84 (1)
      Troubleshooting: the basic tactics           85 (1)
      Wrinkles                                     86 (4)
      Sagging                                      90 (5)
      Oily Skin                                    95 (3)
      Pimples and breakouts                        98 (3)
      Clogged pores and blackheads                 101(2)
        Beauty Column #5 Color your world          102(1)
    Chapter 6 Quick Fix Spa Secrets                103(16)
      Instant steam pack with a shower cap         104(2)
      Warm care for unwinding your mind and body   106(3)
      Cool care for soothing your body and skin    109(3)
      Water massage to energize your skin          112(2)
      Moist lips with honey and lymph massage      114(2)
      Chizu's golden formula: look ten years       116(1)
      younger in one night
      Morning special: worn-out skin rescue        117(2)
        Beauty Column #6 Take beauty into your     118(1)
        own hands
  APPENDIXES Diagnosing Your Skin Type             119
      I Find your basic skin type: dry skin,       120(2)
      normal skin, or oily skin
      II Problem tendencies: spring-summer skin    122
      and fall-winter skin

Japanese women are renowned for their beautiful skin, but until now there has been no book in English that reveals the secrets of the typical Japanese beauty routine. The Japanese Skincare Revolution is the first guide for women of all ages and races who want to have beautiful skin like the Japanese, and don't want to spend lots of money on cosmetics and treatments to achieve it. Author Chizu Saeki is a practicing aesthetician and beauty consultant whose dream is to teach ordinary women how to become more beautiful. To this end, she writes books, teaches, and tours Japan, giving demonstrations of the techniques she developed over a career spent in the beauty industry. Her books have sold more than 3 million copies in Japan, and the revolutionary ideas presented in this volume have won the approval of skin doctors within Japan and out. The Japanese Skincare Revolution is Saeki's best-selling skincare title, and her first to be translated into English. It is a distillation of all of her most essential techniques. In it, readers will be introduced to the lotion maska moisturizing treatment for keeping the skin fresh and lustrous; hand techniques for toning the muscles of the face; lymph massages for draining toxins and improving blood flow; natural, no-nonsense remedies for wrinkles, sagging, oiliness, pimples, and blackheads; warm care and cool care for soothing the mind and body; water massages to energize the skin; and much, much more. Throughout the book, Saeki calls on the reader to use her own hands to touch and treat her face, and her own eyes to judge what her skin needs. She leads her toward a wholehearted skincare routine that will have her complimenting herself as her skin responds. By following Saeki's advice, every woman will discover that it's possible to have beautiful skin at any age without - spending a fortune.
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