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Mastering Type : The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design: Bosler, Denise: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Mastering Type : The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design
Mastering Type : The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design
著者名 Bosler, Denise
出版社 : How Design Books
出版年月 : 2012/06
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781440313691

BookWeb価格 : THB 1,240.00
会員価格 : THB 1,116.00

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A28441800 A93906426
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1  (1)
    Chapter One History                            2  (12)
      In the Beginning There Was Communication     2  (1)
      Birth of the Modern Written Language         3  (2)
      Uses of Type                                 5  (2)
      Type and Art                                 7  (2)
      Type Moving Forward                          9  (2)
      Modern Type Design                           11 (1)
      The Next Frontier                            12 (2)
    Chapter Two Letter                             14 (37)
      Serif and Sans Serif                         14 (1)
      Parts of a Character                         15 (6)
      Classifications of Letterforms               21 (5)
      Type Styles                                  26 (2)
      Typeface Design                              28 (8)
      Designing With Letters                       36 (3)
      An Interview With Ken Barber                 39 (6)
      Letter Gallery                               45 (6)
    Chapter Three Word                             51 (30)
      Emotional Type                               51 (1)
      Choosing the Right Typeface                  52 (1)
      Kerning                                      53 (3)
      Tracking                                     56 (1)
      Ligatures                                    57 (2)
      Case                                         59 (2)
      Numbers                                      61 (1)
      Legibility vs. Readability                   62 (1)
      Designing With Words                         63 (4)
      An Interview With Holly Tienken              67 (6)
      Word Gallery                                 73 (8)
    Chapter Four Sentence                          81 (33)
      Word Spacing                                 81 (1)
      Leading                                      82 (2)
      Alignment                                    84 (2)
      Line Length                                  86 (1)
      Punctuation                                  87 (4)
      Designing With Sentences                     91 (9)
      An Interview With Jessica Hische             100(7)
      Sentence Gallery                             107(7)
    Chapter Five Paragraph                         114(37)
      Visual Tone                                  114(2)
      Varying Sizes                                116(3)
      Initial Caps                                 119(1)
      Complementary Type Pairs                     120(3)
      Type Issues                                  123(8)
      Designing With Paragraphs                    131(6)
      An Interview With Amanda Geisinger           137(6)
      Paragraph Gallery                            143(8)
    Chapter Six Page                               151(39)
      Layout, Design and Communication             151(2)
      Gestalt Theory                               153(4)
      Relationships                                157(4)
      Grid                                         161(10)
      Visual Concept                               171(1)
      Designing With Pages                         172(6)
      An Interview With Steven Brower              178(4)
      Page Gallery                                 182(8)
    Chapter Seven Screen                           190(32)
      Going Digital                                190(4)
      Electronic Media                             194(3)
      Layout                                       197(5)
      Effective Typography                         202(3)
      Designing for Screen                         205(2)
      An Interview With Jason Santa Maria          207(7)
      Screen Gallery                               214(8)
Appendix: The Evolution of Type Hierarchy in       222(3)
Interactive Design's Transformation to
Traditional Media
Glossary                                           225(5)
Index                                              230

Good Design, Down to the Letter Packages on store shelves, posters on building walls, pages of a website-all contain information that needs to be communicated. And at the heart of that communication is type: visually interesting, interactive, expressive and captivating. Each letter must come alive; therefore, each letter must be carefully crafted or chosen. A solid foundation in typography, as well as an understanding of its nuances, will help you optimize your visual communication-in whatever form it takes. By breaking down the study of type into a systematic progression of relationships-letter, word, sentence, paragraph, page and screen-award-winning graphic designer and professor of communication design Denise Bosler provides a unique and illuminating perspective on typography for both print and digital media and for designers of all skill levels. Through instruction, interviews and real-world inspiration, Mastering Type explores the power of each typographic element--both as it stands alone and as it works with other elements--to create successful design, to strengthen your skill set and to inspire your next project.