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Lessons in Classical Drawing : Essential Techniques from inside the Atelier: Aristides, Juliette: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Lessons in Classical Drawing : Essential Techniques from inside the Atelier
Lessons in Classical Drawing : Essential Techniques from inside the Atelier
出版社 : Watson-Guptill Pubns
出版年月 : 2011/11
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780823006595

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会員価格 : THB 873.00

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A03402400
Place of Publication: United States
Subject Development: Techniques
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Baker & Taylor Forecast - October 2011
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Table of Contents
Prologue                                           9  (1)
          Fred Ross
Introduction                                       10 (3)
    Chapter 1 Beginning Lines: The World           13 (24)
    Through An Artists Eye
      Principle Before Practice                    14 (2)
      Look Before You Leap                         16 (1)
      Forming One Essential Vision                 17 (5)
      The Language of Lines                        22 (1)
      Locating Important Lines                     23 (3)
      Different Kinds of Lines                     26 (3)
      Be Flexible and Go Lightly                   29 (2)
      Selecting Your Materials                     31 (6)
        Lesson One Master Copy Sketch              32 (5)
    Chapter 2 Harmonious Relationships: A Study    37 (28)
    of Proportion
      Learning from Nature                         39 (2)
      The Artist's Schema                          41 (5)
      Finding Visual Landmarks                     46 (2)
      Learning to Measure                          48 (6)
      Understanding the Sight-Size Method          54 (2)
      Correcting Your Work                         56 (2)
      Refreshing Your Perspective                  58 (7)
        Lesson Two Measured Drawing                60 (5)
    Chapter 3 The Elegant Contour: A Discussion    65 (26)
    About Line
      The Power of a Quiet Line                    66 (2)
      Forming Shapes                               68 (2)
      Using Schemas                                70 (2)
      Finding Negative Shapes                      72 (2)
      Crafting Contour                             74 (4)
      Establishing Rhythm                          78 (2)
      Determining Line Weight                      80 (3)
      Depicting Aerial Perspective with Line       83 (8)
        Lesson Three Rhythmic Line Drawing         86 (5)
    Chapter 4 The Illusion of Depth: The Third     91 (36)
      Identifying Geometric Solids                 92 (6)
      Using Simple Geometric Forms                 98 (2)
      Implying the Third Dimension                 100(4)
      Utilizing Linear Perspective                 104(4)
      The Importance of Ellipses                   108(2)
      How to Draw an Ellipse                       110(1)
      Drawing Three-Dimensional Objects            111(1)
      Drawing a Three-Dimensional Figure           112(3)
      Drawing the Three Major Masses               115(6)
      Drawing the Smaller Forms of the Figure      121(6)
        Lesson Four Volumetric Drawing             122(5)
    Chapter 5 Tonal Composition: A Palette of      127(32)
    Nuanced Gray
      Creating Pattern                             129(1)
      Simplifying with Value                       130(2)
      Making a Value Step Scale                    132(2)
      Using Value Composition                      134(6)
      Understanding Relative Brightness            140(2)
      Identifying Shadow Shapes                    142(4)
      Choosing a Focal Point                       146(3)
      Finding Tonal Balance                        149(3)
      Composing Your Subject                       152(7)
        Lesson Five Tonal Sketch                   154(5)
    Chapter 6 Light and Shadow: The Creation of    159(45)
    Form and Character
      Creating Volume with Light and Shade         160(1)
      The Classical Order of Light                 161(5)
      Lighting Your Subject                        166(4)
      Working from the Shadows                     170(2)
      Two Types of Shadows                         172(2)
      Anatomy of a Shadow                          174(2)
      The Core Shadow                              176(2)
      Halftones                                    178(2)
      Reflected Light                              180(2)
      Highlights                                   182(2)
      Practical Tips for Form Drawing              184(14)
      Putting It All Together                      198(6)
        Lesson Six Form Drawing                    200(4)
Afterword: A Note of Encouragement                 204(2)
Bibliography                                       206(1)
Index                                              207

This elegant & accessible primer from master contemporary artist Juliette Aristides distils the drawing process into its essential elements. In "Lessons in Classical Drawing", award-winning author, artist and teacher, Juliette Aristides breaks down the drawing process and shows what all great drawing has in common. The book conveys a start-to-finish overview of the drawing experience and shows what to tackle when first starting a drawing and then how to lay the groundwork for each subsequent step in creating a well-crafted drawing. Packaged with a companion DVD, which aims to eliminate any gaps in the learning process, the reader becomes a virtual participant in a drawing workshop filmed at the Santa Repararta School in Florence, Italy.