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Atlantic A Vast Ocean of a Million Stories: Winchester, Simon: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Atlantic A Vast Ocean of a Million Stories
Atlantic A Vast Ocean of a Million Stories
著者名 Winchester, Simon
出版社 : HarperPress
出版年月 : 2010/09
ISBN : 9780007364596

BookWeb価格 : THB 652.00
会員価格 : THB 587.00

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The epic life story of the Atlantic Ocean from the bestselling author of narrative non-fiction, Simon Winchester In a narrative tour de force, Simon Winchester dramatises the life of the Atlantic Ocean, from its birth in the farther recesses of geological time to its eventual extinction millions of years in the future. At the core of the book is the story of mankind's complex relationship with this immense sea, which stretches for 9,000 miles from pole to pole. The Atlantic has profoundly influenced the lives of those who have lived along its shores, from hardscrabble pioneers in windswept locations such as the Aran Islands and Newfoundland, to the inhabitants of the great port cities of Lisbon, Rio, London and New York. 'Atlantic' brings to life key episodes in this compelling human drama - the age of exploration and the subsequent colonisation of the Americas; the flourishing of transatlantic commerce and the rise and fall of the slave trade; extraordinary tales of sea-borne emigration during the nineteenth century; and the great naval battles that have left an indelible imprint on Atlantic history.Travelling by small sailing craft, container ship and general cargo vessel, Simon Winchester will journey around the edges and across the vast expanse of the ocean to report from the places that encapsulate its most fascinating stories. It is an enthralling mixture of history, science and reportage from a master of narrative non-fiction, and the definitive account of this magnificent body of water.