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Kinokuniya Book Stores Thailand business began with the opening of our first bookstore at Isetan in 1992. At that time, Books Kinokuniya was commonly regarded as a Japanese bookstore for the Japanese community residing in Thailand. However, much things have changed since then.

Kinokuniya Thailand's flagship store - Kinokuniya Siam Paragon stands at a massive 2,000 sq. m., providing an extensive collection of over 150,000 quality titles from all over the world, including Thai, English and Chinese publications. Size does matter when our customers expect an excellent range of books at reasonable prices. Siam Paragon store also provides self-searching facility called KINO NAVI with touch screen technology to look up books within the store (Available only Siam Paragon).  Siam Paragon branch also serving metropolitan lifestyle with wide range of events such as book launches, origami, cooking demonstrations, handicraft workshops, etc. held since its opening on 9 December, 2005.

Where the Eastern and Western culture blend in harmony, Kinokuniya Emporium’s décor combines Karesansui, which is the core of eastern culture, with literary arts from western world.  Kinokuniya Emporium carries a comprehensive range of English books in categories such as fiction, comics and graphic novel, travel, language, business, young adults, etc.  With over 50,000 titles to savor in the sophisticated ambience, this is a true tranquil garden of knowledge for book lovers.

Isetan, CentralWorld packs in over 900 sq.m. with a fine-tuned selection of Japanese, English and Thai books under the roof of Japanese oriented ambience.  Browsing through the shelves of over 84,000 titles of book which many appeal to young executive, teenager and those who admire things Japanese, Kinokuniya Isetan is a trendy place to keep you up-to-date with trendy lifestyle.

Along with retail sales via our bricks and mortar bookstores, Kinokuniya Thailand Sales Office - Corporate Sales is another important pillar of our business. Sales Office serves as a total coordinator for knowledge and information and covers all libraries and organizations in Thailand as well as in the region, providing them with up-to-date and comprehensive information services to support their research activities.