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The German Ideology : Including Thesis on Feuerbach (Great Books in Philosophy): Marx, Karl/ Engels, Friedrich: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The German Ideology : Including Thesis on Feuerbach (Great Books in Philosophy)
The German Ideology : Including Thesis on Feuerbach (Great Books in Philosophy)
Publisher : Prometheus Books
Published Date : 1998/11
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781573922586

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Edition: Translation
Academic Level: Graduate
Review: - Non-Partnership Schools - Spring 2000 Non-Partnership Maintenance List - Summer 2000 Non-Partnership Schools - Fall 2000
Table of Contents
  Introduction to the Critique of Political        1  (569)
        Karl Marx
  The German Ideology
        Karl Marx
        Friedrich Engels
    Critique of Modern German Philosophy           27 (452)
    According to Its Representatives Feuerbach
        B. Bauer
    Critique of German Socialism According to      479(90)
    Its Various Prophets
  Theses on Feuerbach                              569
        Karl Marx

Nearly two years before his powerful Communist Manifesto, Marx (1818-1883) co-wrote "The German Ideology" in 1845 with friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels expounding a new political worldview, including positions on materialism, labour, production, alienation, the expansion of capitalism, class conflict, revolution, and eventually communism. They chart the course of 'true' socialism based on Hegel's dialectic, while criticising the ideas of Bruno Bauer, Max Stirner and Ludwig Feuerbach. Marx expanded his criticism of the latter in his now famous Theses on Feuerbach, found after Marx's death and published by Engels in 1888. "Introduction to the Critique of Political Economy", also found among the posthumous papers of Marx, is a fragment of an introduction to his main works. Combining these three works, this volume is essential for an understanding of Marxism.Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Food and Consumption Chapter 3. Food, the Body and Taste Chapter 4. Nutritious and Delicious: Iranian Women and their Domestic Food-work Chapter 5. Food and Health: Traditional and Modern Influences Chapter 6. Incorporation, Identity and Health Chapter 7. Food for Wealth: Iranian Entrepreneurs in the Fast-Food Trade Chapter 8. The Restaurant Trade and the Invisibility of Iranian Cuisine Chapter 9. Performing Gender: Men, women and Food Chapter 10.Women, Food and Power Chapter 11. Childhood, Acculturation and Food Chapter 12. Pick N' Mix Cultures: Youth, Food and Identities Chapter 13. Conclusion Appendix: Brief Methodological Details Bibliography Index