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New Fashion Print: Dawber, Martin: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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New Fashion Print
New Fashion Print
Publisher : B T Batsford Ltd
Published Date : 2008/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781906388072

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A97603600 A33801500
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Academic Level: Extracurricular

Bestselling fashion author Martin Dawber brings the best collection of today's fashion print designs into one volume. With over 35 designers from all over the world -- Europe, Asia, North America and Pacific -- and over 200 different prints, this is a terrific resource for print designers and illustrators working today. Arranged and delivered in the same format as the highly successful New Fashion Illustration, it covers all types of print designs, from floral, geometric and figurative through to minimalist and psychedelic.ranging from computing with autopoietic systems to the effects of the Internet on education; intelligent control; classification, clustering and optimization; image and signal processing; agents, multimedia and Internet; theoretical advances; prediction, design and diagnosis. The book is aimed at researchers and professional engineers who develop and apply intelligent systems in computer engineering.

Part IUsing Immune Networks Universality and Complexity of Approximation of Multivariable Functions by Feedforward Networks The Supervised Learning No-free-lunch Theorems Making Evolutionary Design Optimisation Popular in Industry Theory of Incursive Synchronization and Anticipatory Computing of Chaos Computing with Autopoietic Systems The Internet and Education Part II: Intelligent Control Soft Computing for Control of Dynamical Systems Holonic Scheduling for an Assembly Line Intelligent Control of a Battery Charging Process with a Hybrid Approach A Breeder Genetic Algorithm for Adaptive Filter Optimization 1= Intelligent Neural Control of Robotic Autonomous Systems Using a Neuro-fuzzy-genetic Approach Prediction of Power Requirement in Turning Using a GA-fuzzy Approach Predictive Control of a Nonlinear Process Using Multiple Models Optimization Based on Fast evolutionary Programming Some Realisation Issues of Fuzzy Gain-scheduling Controllers: A Robotic Manipulator Case Study Environmental Safety and Loss Prevention in Sulphur Tank with Fuzzy L1 Norm Control Autotuning of a Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Fuzzy Gain and Phase Margins Two Automatic On-line New Schemes to Compensate the Torque Ripple of Switched Reluctance Machines: Applications of Neural Networks in Servo Systems Part III: Classification, Clustering and Optimization Some Methods of Clustering of Fuzzy Objects Integration of Enhanced Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm with Probabilistic Technique for Dynamic Map Building Classification of Severe Storm Cells Using Support Vector Machines Fuzzy Clustering for the Identification of Compact Fuzzy Classifiers Multi-constrained Non-linear Optimization by the Differential Evolution Algorithm Genetic Algorithms for the Assembly Line Balancing Problem A Genetic Algorithm for the Uncapacitated Network Design Problem An Overview of Benchmarking Techniques for Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms Fuzzy Cluster Loading for 3-way Data Part IV: Image and Signal Processing A Robust Multilevel Watermarking Method for Digital Images Using Multiresolution Wavelet Decomposition Fuzzy Relational Pattern Dynamics of the Breast Cancer Cells 1= Slope Constrained Shortest Path on Surface Design of Explicitly or implicitly Parallel Low-resolution Character Recognition Algorithms by means of Genetic Programming Low-power Massively Parallel Feature Computation for Application-specific Integrated Vision Systems Pulse Image Processing Soft Data Fusion in Image Processing Eigenspace-based Face Recognition Dimensionality Reduction and Interactive Visualization of Multivariate Data Part V: Agents, Multimedia and Internet Developing Agent-based Personalized Recommender Systems An Agent that Learns to Support Users of a Web Site ANTS: Automatic Navigation of Terrain Systems Greta: A Simple Facial Animation Engine Fast Text Compression Using Artificial Neural Networks Visualization of Data Using Genetic Algorithm Measuring Facial Emotional Expressions Using Genetic Programming Fuzzy Based Web Server Workload Modelling and Prediction Part VI: Theoretical Advances and New Paradigms Efficient and Precise Handling of a Piecewise-linear Fuzzy Set on Computers in an Extended Knot Form Kansei Factor Analysis Using C4.5 An Active Search Algorithm Extending GA Based Path Planning for Mobile Robot Systems Genetic Programming for Combining Neural Networks for Drug Discovery Training MLP Networks by Differential Evolution Algorithm A Genetic Algorithm Based on Cell Loss for Dynamic Routing in ATM Networks Gene Expression Programming in Problem Solving Studies of the XCSI Classifier System on a Data Mining Problem Artificial Chemistry - A New Metaphor for Algorithms Immune System Simulation Through a Complex Adaptive System Model The Effectiveness of Mutations Root-finding of Monotone Nonlinear Functions with Fuzzy Iterative Methods On Partitioned Fitness-Distribution of Genetic Operators for Predicting GA Performance Part VII: Prediction, Design and Diagnosis A Comparative Assessment on the Application of Knowledge-based Networks and Genetic Algorithms to the Design of Fuzzy Diagnosis Systems for Rotating Machinery Evolution of a Tactile Wall-following Behavior in Real Time Fuzzy Mimetic Approach for Prediction of Chaotic Time Series and Nonlinear Identification Finite-element Mesh Adaptation via Time Series Prediction Using Neural Networks Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms on Financial Ratio Selection for Earning Forecast Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for VLSI Macro Cell Layout Artificial Neural Networks Modeling as an Industrial Plant Fault Diagnostic Tool An Application of Genetic Programming to Electronic Design Automation A Comparison of Soft Computing Methods for Reservoir Simulation Multistage Decision Making for a Fuzzy Automation by Simulated Annealing