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Book Details
Starcraft II Signature Series Guide (Brady Games)
Starcraft II Signature Series Guide (Brady Games)
Publisher : Brady
Published Date : 2010/07
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780744011289

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Textual Format: Computer Applications
Table of Contents
      Basics                                       4  (8)
      Introduction                                 12 (4)
    The Jim Raynor Missions
      Liberation Day                               16 (4)
      The Outlaws                                  20 (4)
      Zero Hour                                    24 (6)
    The Dr. Ariel Hanson Missions
      The Evacuation                               30 (4)
      Outbreak                                     34 (6)
      Safe Haven                                   40 (6)
      Haven's Fall                                 46 (6)
    The Gabriel Tosh Missions
      The Devil's Playground                       52 (6)
      Welcome to the Jungle                        58 (4)
      Breakout                                     62 (4)
      Ghost of a Chance                            66 (8)
    The Matt Horner Missions
      The Great Train Robbery                      74 (6)
      Cutthroat                                    80 (6)
      Engine of Destruction                        86 (6)
      Media Blitz                                  92 (6)
      Piercing the Shroud                          98 (6)
    The Tychus Findlay Missions
      Smash and Grab                               104(4)
      The Dig                                      108(4)
      The Moebius Factor                           112(4)
      Supernova                                    116(6)
    The Zeratul Missions
      Whispers of Doom                             122(6)
      A Sinister Turn                              128(6)
      Echoes of the Future                         134(6)
      In Utter Darkness                            140(6)
    The Valerian Missions
      Maw of the Void                              146(4)
      The Gates of Hell                            150(4)
      Belly of the Beast                           154(10)
      Shatter the Sky                              164(4)
      All In                                       168(4)
    Challenges                                     172(16)
    MP Intro                                       188(2)
    Battle.Net                                     190(10)
    Mp-Beginner                                    200(8)
    Multiplayer                                    208(76)
    Units And Buildings
      Terran                                       284(34)
      Protoss                                      318(34)
      Zerg                                         352(38)
Maps                                               390(30)
Last Words                                         420(4)
Achievements                                       424

Play Starcraft II and win. Be prepared for anything with this guide. Starcraft II is a unique, sci-fi universe, where players build armies for the Terran, exiles from Earth; the Protoss, a humanoid species with advanced technological and mental abilities; and the Zerg, an insectoid species that assimilates other species into their swarm. "Starcraft II Signature Series Strategy Guide" features a complete walkthrough of the entire game with detailed maps listing all items and equipment. It covers single & multi-player maps & strategies on PC. This "Starcraft II Signature Series" guide features bonus content and more.
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