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The Contented Baby with Toddler Book: Ford, Gina: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The Contented Baby with Toddler Book
The Contented Baby with Toddler Book
Publisher : Random House Uk Ltd
Published Date : 2010/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780091929589

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Core Parenting/Teacher 2008-2010
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements                                   x
Introduction                                       xi
    Preparing for the Second Baby                  1  (18)
      Are we ready for another child?              2  (3)
      Getting pregnant again                       5  (3)
      Coping with your pregnancy and your          8  (4)
      Preparing your toddler for the new arrival   12 (7)
    Preparing for the Birth                        19 (20)
      Your childcare plans                         20 (1)
      Preparing your toddler for the birth         21 (1)
      Preparing your toddler for the new baby      22 (1)
      Getting things ready for the baby            23 (6)
      Getting your home ready for the new baby     29 (1)
      Getting ready for the big day                30 (7)
      The final days - waiting for labour          37 (2)
    Birth and Beyond                               39 (14)
      Recovery after birth                         39 (3)
      Introducting your toddler to the new baby    42 (1)
      Arriving home                                43 (1)
      The first few weeks                          43 (2)
      Feeding the baby                             45 (2)
      Eating well                                  47 (1)
      Shopping                                     47 (1)
      Getting out and about                        48 (1)
      Household chores                             49 (1)
      Getting help from family and friends         50 (1)
      Your toddler's reactions to the new baby     51 (2)
    Establishing Routines                          53 (42)
      Establishing the Contented Little Baby       54 (1)
      and Toddler Routine
      Establishing CLB breast-feeding              55 (9)
      Establishing bottle-feeding                  64 (4)
      Sleep                                        68 (9)
      A typical routine for a Contented Little     77 (10)
      Baby and Toddler
      Adjusting the routines                       87 (4)
      Important recommendations                    91 (4)
    Weeks One to Two                               95 (14)
      Starting the routine                         95 (1)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - one to two    96 (9)
      Changes to be made during the one - to       105(3)
      two-week routine
      Advancing to the two - to four-week          108(1)
    Weeks Two to Four                              109(14)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - two to        109(9)
      four weeks
      Changes to be made during the two - to       118(5)
      four-week routine
    Weeks Four to Six                              123(14)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - four to       123(8)
      six weeks
      Changes to be made during the four - to      131(6)
      six-week routine
    Weeks Six to Eight                             137(12)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - six to        137(7)
      eight weeks
      Changes to be made during the six- to        144(5)
      eight-week routine
    Weeks Eight to Twelve                          149(10)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - eight to      149(7)
      twelve weeks
      Changes to be made during the eight - to     156(2)
      twelve-week routine
      Moving on to the three - to four-month       158(1)
    Months Three to Four                           159(10)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - three to      159(5)
      four months
      Changes to be made during the three - to     164(5)
      four-month routine
    Months Four to Six                             169(12)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - four to       169(4)
      six months
      Changes to be made during the four-to        173(8)
      six-month routine
    Months Six to Nine                             181(20)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - six to        182(4)
      nine months
      Changes to be made during the six- to        186(15)
      nine-month routine
    Months Nine to Twelve                          201(10)
      Routine for Baby and Toddler - nine to       201(4)
      twelve months
      Changes to be made during the nine - to      205(6)
      twelve-month routine
    Problem-Solving                                211(50)
      Myths, misconceptions and questions          211(11)
      surrounding the Contented Little Baby
      Feeding problems                             222(6)
      Sleeping problems                            228(13)
      Weaning problems                             241(1)
      Fussy eating                                 242(4)
      Bedtime battles                              246(1)
      Socialising - out and about, sibling         247(14)
    Common Problems in the First Year              261(52)
      General problems                             262(13)
        Burping                                    262(1)
        Colic                                      263(3)
        Crying                                     266(4)
        Dummies                                    270(3)
        Hiccups                                    273(1)
        Possetting                                 273(1)
        Reflux                                     274(1)
      Common feeding problems                      275(21)
        Difficult feeder                           275(2)
        Excessive night feeding                    277(5)
        Sleepy feeder                              282(1)
        Low milk supply                            283(7)
        Refusal of milk                            290(2)
        Refusal of solids                          292(1)
        Fussy feeder                               293(3)
      Common sleeping problems                     296(17)
        Difficulties in settling                   296(2)
        Early-morning waking                       298(4)
        Excessive night waking                     302(2)
        Illness: the effect on sleep               304(1)
        The lunchtime nap                          305(5)
        Teething and night waking                  310(3)
  Appendix I: Baby and Toddler Menu Planner        313(10)
      7-9 months                                   313(4)
      9-12 months                                  317(6)
  Appendix II: FSID Advice to Reduce the Risk      323(2)
  of Cot Death
Useful Addresses                                   325(2)
Further Reading                                    327(2)
Contented Baby and Toddler Newsletter              329(2)
Index                                              331

The prospect of bringing a new baby home when you already have a toddler can be extremely daunting. Life with a newborn baby is tiring and challenging enough but with a demanding elder brother or sister to deal with too, how do you cope? Written in the same reassuring, accessible style as her bestselling The Contented Little Baby Book, The Contented Baby with Toddler Book is full of practical tips and sanguine advice that will calm and reassure all panicked parents. A major feature of the book is the adaptable routines, specifically designed to help you structure your day and meet all the needs of your toddler and your new baby...and still have time for lots of cuddles. By using Gina's easy-to-follow methods not only will you have a contented baby who feeds regularly and sleeps through the night from an early age, but also a happy, involved toddler who remains calm and co-operative during this unsettled time.
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