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Schaum's Outlines Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables (Schaum's Outlines) (3RD): Spiegel, Murray R./ Lipschutz, Seymour/ Liu, John: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Schaum's Outlines Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables (Schaum's Outlines) (3RD)
Schaum's Outlines Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables (Schaum's Outlines) (3RD)
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Published Date : 2008/08
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780071548557

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A51010000 A53100000
Place of Publication: United States
Edition: Subsequent
Academic Level: Extracurricular
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Table of Contents
  Part A FORMULAS                                  1  (2)
  Section I Elementary Constants, Products,        3  (13)
    Greek Alphabet and Special Constants           3  (2)
    Special Products and Factors                   5  (2)
    The Binomial Formula and Binomial              7  (3)
    Complex Numbers                                10 (3)
    Solutions of Algebraic Equations               13 (2)
    Conversion Factors                             15 (1)
  Section II Geometry                              16 (27)
    Geometric Formulas                             16 (6)
    Formulas from Plane Analytic Geometry          22 (6)
    Special Plane Curves                           28 (6)
    Formulas from Solid Analytic Geometry          34 (7)
    Special Moments of Inertia                     41 (2)
  Section III Elementary Transcendental            43 (19)
    Trigonometric Functions                        43 (10)
    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions          53 (3)
    Hyperbolic Functions                           56 (6)
  Section IV Calculus                              62 (54)
    Derivatives                                    62 (5)
    Indefinite Integrals                           67 (4)
    Tables of Special Indefinite Integrals         71 (37)
    Definite Integrals                             108(8)
  Section V Differential Equations and Vector      116(18)
    Basic Differentials Equations and Solutions    116(3)
    Formulas from Vector Analysis                  119(15)
  Section VI Series                                134(15)
    Series of Constants                            134(4)
    Taylor Series                                  138(4)
    Bernoulli and Euler Numbers                    142(2)
    Fourier Series                                 144(5)
  Section VII Special Functions and Polynomials    149(31)
    The Gamma Function                             149(3)
    The Beta Function                              152(1)
    Bessel Functions                               153(11)
    Legendre and Associated Legendre Functions     164(5)
    Hermite Polynomials                            169(2)
    Legrerre and Associated Leguerre Polynomials   171(4)
    Chebyshev Polynomials                          175(3)
    Hypergeometric Functions                       178(2)
  Section VIII Laplace and Fourier Transforms      180(18)
    Laplace Transforms                             180(13)
    Fourier Transforms                             193(5)
  Section IX Elliptic and Miscellaneous Special    198(7)
    Elliptic Functions                             198(5)
    Miscellaneous and Riemann Zeta Functions       203(2)
  Section X Inequalities and Infinite Products     205(3)
    Inequalities                                   205(2)
    Infinite Products                              207(1)
  Section XI Probability and Statistics            208(19)
    Descriptive Statistics                         208(9)
    Probability                                    217(6)
    Random Variables                               223(4)
  Section XII Numerical Methods                    227(16)
    Interpolations                                 227(4)
    Quadrature                                     231(2)
    Solutions of Nonlinear Equations               233(2)
    Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential    235(2)
    Numerical Methods for Partial Differential     237(3)
    Iteration Methods for Linear Systems           240(3)
  Part B TABLES                                    243(2)
  Section I Logarithmic, Trigonometric,            245(12)
  Exponential Functions
    Four Place Common Logarithms log 10 N or       245(2)
    log N
    Sin x (x in degrees and minutes)               247(1)
    Cos x (x in degrees and minutes)               248(1)
    Tan x (x in degrees and minutes)               249(1)
    Conversion of Radians to Degrees, Minutes,     250(1)
    and Seconds of Fractions of Degrees
    Conversion of Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds    251(1)
    to Radians
    Natural or Napierian Logarithms loge x of      252(2)
    In x
    Exponential Functions e x                      254(1)
    Exponential Functions e-x                      255(1)
    Exponential, Sine, and Cosine Integral         256(1)
  Section II Factorial and Gamma Function,         257(4)
  Binomial Coefficients
    Factorial n                                    257(1)
    Gamma Function                                 258(1)
    Binomial coefficients                          259(2)
  Section III Bessel Functions                     261(7)
    Bessel Functions J o (x)                       261(1)
    Bessel Functions J 1 (x)                       261(1)
    Bessel Functions Y o (x)                       262(1)
    Bessel Functions Y 1 (x)                       262(1)
    Bessel Functions l o (x)                       263(1)
    Bessel Functions l 1 (x)                       263(1)
    Bessel Functions K o (x)                       264(1)
    Bessel Functions K 1 (x)                       264(1)
    Bessel Functions Ber (x)                       265(1)
    Bessel Functions Bei (x)                       265(1)
    Bessel Function Ker (x)                        266(1)
    Bessel Functions Kei (x)                       266(1)
    Values for Approximate Zeros of Bessel         267(1)
  Section IV Legendre Polynomials                  268(2)
    Legendre Polynomials P n (x)                   268(1)
    Legendre Polynomials P n (cosθ)          269(1)
  Section V Elliptic Integrals                     270(2)
    Complete Elliptic Integrals of First and       270(1)
    Second Kinds
    Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the First      271(1)
    Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the Second     271(1)
  Section VI Financial Tables                      272(4)
    Compound amount: (1+r) n                       272(1)
    Present Value of an Amount: (1+r)-n            273(1)
    Amount of an Annuity: (1+r) n -1/r             274(1)
    Present Value of an Annuity: 1-(1+r)-n/r       275(1)
  Section VII Probability and Statistics           276(7)
    Areas Under the Standard Normal Curve          276(1)
    Ordinates of the Standard Normal curve         277(1)
    Percentile Values (t p ) for student's t       278(1)
    Percentile Value (x2 p) for X2 (Chi-Square)    279(1)
    95th Percentile Values for the F               280(1)
    99th Percentile Values for the F               281(1)
    Random Numbers                                 282(1)
Index of Special Symbols and Notations             283(2)
Index                                              285