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Red Chamber -- Paperback: Chen, Pauline: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Red Chamber -- Paperback
Red Chamber -- Paperback
著者名 Chen, Pauline
出版年月 : 2012/07
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781844087969

BookWeb価格 : S$ 37.60
会員価格 : S$ 33.84

在庫情報 : 専門取次会社からお取り寄せします。


In this lyrical reimagining of a Chinese classic and set against the breathtaking backdrop of eighteenth-century Beijing, the lives of three unforgettable women collide in the inner chambers of the Jia mansion. When orphaned Daiyu leaves her home in the provinces to take shelter with her cousins in the capital, she is drawn into a world of opulent splendor, presided over by the ruthless, scheming Xifeng and the prim, repressed Baochai. As she learns the secrets behind their glittering facades, she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and hidden passions, reaching from the petty gossip of the servants' quarters all the way to the Imperial Palace. When a political coup overthrows the Emperor and plunges the once-mighty family into grinding poverty, each woman must choose between love and duty, friendship and survival. In this dazzling debut, Pauline Chen draws the reader deep into the secret, exquisite world of the women's quarters of an aristocratic household, where the burnish of wealth and refinement mask a harsher truth: marriageable girls are traded like chattel for the family's advancement, and to choose to love is to risk everything.CM CX CY CZ DE DK DM EE ES FI FJ FK FO FR GD GF GG GH GI GL GM GP GR GS GY HM HU IM IN IS IT JE JM KE KI KN KY LC LI LK LS LT LU LV MC MF MM MQ MS MT MU MV MW MY MZ NA NF NG NL NO NR NU PG PK PL PN PT RE RO SB SC SE SG SH SI SJ SK SL SM SZ TC TF TK TO TT TV TZ UG VA VC VG VU WF WS YE YT ZM ZWCO CR CU CV DJ DO DZ EC EG EH ER ET GA GE GN GQ GT GW HK HR HT ID IL IO IQ IR JO JP KG KH KM KP KR KW KZ LA LB LR LY MA MD ME MG MK ML MN MO MR NC NE NI NP OM PA PE PF PM PS PW PY QA RS RU RW SA SD SN SO SR ST SV SY TD TG TH TJ TL TM TN TR TW UA UY UZ VE VNWriting about Literature. 33. MLA Documentation. 34. Writing in the Social Sciences. 35. APA Documentation. 36. Writing in the Humanities. 37. CMS Documentation. 38. Writing in the Natural Sciences. 39. CSE Documentation. 40. Writing in Business. Glossary of Usage.