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The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order: Huntington, Samuel P.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
出版社 : Simon & Schuster
出版年月 : 2011/08
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781451628975

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Table of Contents
        List of Illustrations: Tables, Figures,    11 (2)
Preface                                            13 (6)
  I A World of Civilizations
    1 The New Era in World Politics                19 (21)
      Introduction: Flags and Cultural Identity    19 (2)
      A Multipolar, Multicivilizational World      21 (8)
      Other Worlds?                                29 (7)
      Comparing Worlds: Realism, Parsimony, and    36 (4)
    2 Civilizations in History and Today           40 (16)
      The Nature of Civilizations                  40 (8)
      Relations Among Civilizations                48 (8)
    3 A Universal Civilization? Modernization      56 (25)
    and Westernization
      Universal Civilization: Meanings             56 (10)
      Universal Civilization: Sources              66 (2)
      The West and Modernization                   68 (4)
      Responses to the West and Modernization      72 (9)
  II The Shifting Balance of Civilizations
    4 The Fading of the West: Power, Culture,      81 (21)
    and Indigenization
      Western Power: Dominance and Decline         81 (10)
      Indigenization: The Resurgence of            91 (4)
      Non-Western Cultures
      La Revanche de Dieu                          95 (7)
    5 Economics, Demography, and the Challenger    102(23)
      The Asian Affirmation                        103(6)
      The Islamic Resurgence                       109(11)
      Changing Challenges                          120(5)
  III The Emerging Order of Civilizations
    6 The Cultural Reconfiguration of Global       125(30)
      Groping for Groupings: The Politics of       125(5)
      Culture and Economic Cooperation             130(5)
      The Structure of Civilizations               135(4)
      Torn Countries: The Failure of               139(16)
      Civilization Shifting
    7 Core States, Concentric Circles, and         155(28)
    Civilizational Order
      Civilizations and Order                      155(2)
      Bounding the West                            157(6)
      Russia and Its Near Abroad                   163(5)
      Greater China and Its Co-Prosperity Sphere   168(6)
      Islam: Consciousness Without Cohesion        174(9)
  IV Clashes of Civilizations
    8 The West and the Rest:                       183(24)
    Intercivilizational Issues
      Western Universalism                         183(3)
      Weapons Proliferation                        186(6)
      Human Rights and Democracy                   192(6)
      Immigration                                  198(9)
    9 The Global Politics of Civilizations         207(39)
      Core State and Fault Line Conflicts          207(2)
      Islam and the West                           209(9)
      Asia, China, and America                     218(20)
      Civilizations and Core States: Emerging      238(8)
    10 From Transition Wars to Fault Line Wars     246(20)
      Transition Wars: Afghanistan and the Gulf    246(6)
      Characteristics of Fault Line Wars           252(2)
      Incidence: Islam's Bloody Borders            254(5)
      Causes: History, Demography, Politics        259(7)
    11 The Dynamics of Fault Line Wars             266(35)
      Identity: The Rise of Civilization           266(6)
      Civilization Rallying: Kin Countries and     272(19)
      Halting Fault Line Wars                      291(10)
  V The Future of Civilizations
    12 The West, Civilizations, and Civilization   301(22)
      The Renewal of the West?                     301(7)
      The West in the World                        308(4)
      Civilizational War and Order                 312(6)
      The Commonalities of Civilization            318(5)
Notes                                              323(30)
Index                                              353
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