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Food for the Heart : The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah: Chah, Ajahn: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Food for the Heart : The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah
Food for the Heart : The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah
著者名 Chah, Ajahn
出版社 : Wisdom Pubns
出版年月 : 2002/08
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780861713233

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言語 : English
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Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Geographic Designator: South and Southeast Asia
Publishers Weekly Religion Titles Fall/Winter 1997 (And Ongoing)
PW Reviews 2002 July #3
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Table of Contents
Foreword                                           7  (9)
        Jack Kornfield
Introduction                                       9  (32)
  About This Mind                                  41 (2)
  Fragments of a Teaching                          43 (10)
Part 1: Conduct-Virtue And The World Of The
  Living in the World with Dhamma                  53 (8)
  Making the Heart Good                            61 (8)
  Sense Contact-the Fount of Wisdom                69 (12)
  Understanding Vinaya                             81 (12)
  Maintaining the Standard                         93 (8)
  Why Are We Here?                                 101(10)
  The Flood of Sensuality                          111(8)
  The Two Faces of Reality                         119(16)
Part 2: Meditation
  A Gift of Dhamma                                 135(6)
  Inner Balance                                    141(6)
  The Path in Harmony                              147(6)
  The Training of the Heart                        153(10)
  Reading the Natural Mind                         163(16)
  The Key to Liberation                            179(40)
  Meditation (Samadhi Bhavana)                     219(8)
  Dhamma Fighting                                  227(4)
  Just Do It!                                      231(8)
  Right Practice-Steady Practice                   239(10)
  Samma Samadhi-Detachment Within Activity         249(8)
  In the Dead of Night                             257(18)
Part 3: Wisdom
  What is Contemplation?                           275(4)
  Dhamma Nature                                    279(8)
  Living with the Cobra                            287(4)
  The Middle Way Within                            291(6)
  The Peace Beyond                                 297(10)
  Convention and Liberation                        307(6)
  No Abiding                                       313(6)
  Right View-the Place of Coolness                 319(4)
  Our Real Home                                    323(10)
  The Four Noble Truths                            333(8)
  ``Tuccho Pothila''-Venerable Empty Scripture     341(10)
  ``Not Sure!''-the Standard of the Noble Ones     351(12)
  Still, Flowing Water                             363(10)
  Transcendence                                    373(10)
  Toward the Unconditioned                         383(12)
  Epilogue                                         395(2)
Glossary                                           397(6)
Notes                                              403(6)
Sources of the Text                                409(6)
Index                                              415
Offers a compilation of the Thai Buddhist master's talks on Buddhism and spiritual practice.
Teachings of the Buddha (...
著者名 Kornfield, Jack (EDT)/ Fronsdal, Gil
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