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Everyday Grammar (Oxford Paperback Reference): Seely, John: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Everyday Grammar (Oxford Paperback Reference)
Everyday Grammar (Oxford Paperback Reference)
著者名 Seely, John
出版年月 : 2004/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780198608745

BookWeb価格 : S$ 26.00
会員価格 : S$ 23.40

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This accessible and unique approach to grammar comes in two partsfirst section consists of a practical guide on how to understand and use grammar successfully, and the second is an extensive A-Z glossary of grammatical terms. Ideal for both language students and anyone wanting to improve their use of English, it demystifies and explains these terms, while giving expert advice on how to construct sentences. Chapters on sentences and clauses, nouns and pronouns, verbs, clause patterns, adverbials, multiple sentences, and more Factboxes and writing tips give examples and clear explanations of problem topics such as adverb formation and the use of 'I and me' or 'so and such' Diagrams break down passages of text, giving clear explanations on their sentence construction Glossary terms include conjunction, future perfect 'tense', interrogative clause, is/are, passive voice, simple aspect, split infinitive, uncountable noun

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; CONTENTS; SECTION A; 1. Introduction; 2. Sentences and clauses; 3. Nouns and pronouns; 4. Noun phrases; 5. Verbs; 6. Tense and 'tense'; 7. More about clause patterns; 8. Adverbials; 9. Multiple sentences; 10. Adverbial clauses; 11. Building texts; SECTION B; Glossary and Usage Guide