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Kinokuniya, a renowned international bookshop chain from Japan, established AsianBasis Pte. Ltd. in Singapore as the online retail arm of Books Kinokuniya group.


AsianBasis Pte. Ltd. has taken over the control and operations of BookWeb Singapore, Kinokuniya’s online bookshop, from Kinokuniya Book Stores of Singapore Pte. Ltd. with effect from 2nd July 2014. This is to enable greater resources, more services, networking and facilities to serve existing BookWeb members.


The company’s obligations to you remain unchanged and our level of service to you is expected to be enhanced at no additional cost.


You will see improvements sometime soon.





Books Kinokuniya's business in Singapore began with the opening of our first bookstore at Liang Court Shopping Centre in December, 1983. At that time, Books Kinokuniya was commonly regarded as a Japanese bookstore for the Japanese community residing in Singapore. However, much things have changed since then...  Read more