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Daily Highlights
Noontide Toll -- Paperback
By Gunesekera, Romesh
Vasantha is a van driver in Sri Lanka. After nearly three decades of conflict, the civil war is over....
The Culture Map : Breaking through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business
By Meyer, Erin
In The Culture Map, renowned expert Erin Meyer offers highly practical and timely perspective....
Happiness and Wellbeing : The Singaporean Experience
By Tambyah, Siok Kuan/ Tan, Soo Jiuan
This comprehensive study provides insights into Singaporeans' general life satisfaction and satisfac....
1000 Feelings for Which There Are No Names
By Giordano, Mario/ Cole, Isabel Fargo (TRN)/ Fenwick, Ray (ILT)
They amaze us and hurt us, bring us to tears and make us laugh, delight us and keep us up at night: ....
Phoenix Code (Secrets of the Tombs) -- Paperback
By Moss, Helen
When Ryan Flint accompanies his journalist mother to an archaeological expedition in Egypt's Valley ....
血型小將ABO 7
By 朴東宣
マイラブキティ - 40周年記念版