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A Spiritual Renegade's Guide to the Good Life: Marut, Lama: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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A Spiritual Renegade's Guide to the Good Life
A Spiritual Renegade's Guide to the Good Life
Publisher : Beyond Words Pub Co
Published Date : 2012/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781582703732

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A37384000 A13322400
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Baker & Taylor Forecast - May 2012
PW Reviews 2012 April #2
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Table of Contents
Preface A Manifesto                                vii
Introduction Inciting Happiness                    xv
  Part I Igniting the Happiness Revolution         1  (52)
    1 Burning with Desire: Consumerism and Its     3  (16)
    Alternative---Radical Contentment
    2 Waking Up: Recognizing the Miraculous        19 (20)
    Nature of Our Lives
    3 Getting Stoked: Seizing the Means of the     39 (14)
    Production of Happiness
  Part II Changing the Past                        53 (58)
    4 Preemptive and Unilateral Forgiveness:       55 (30)
    Ending the Repeated Resurrection of
    Frankenstein's Monster
    5 Revisionist History: Being Grateful for      85 (26)
  Part III Controlling the Future                  111(96)
    6 Letting Go of the Burning Coal: Detaching    113(46)
    from the Sources of Suffering
    7 Transforming the Future: From Worry and      159(48)
    Anxiety to Trust and Control
  Part IV Relaxing into the Present                207(62)
    8 Honking in Gridlock and Pop-Ups in           209(32)
    Horrorland: Staying Happy---All Day, Every
    9 Good Enough to Be Perfect: Overcoming        241(28)
    Liberphobia and Working Hard to Relax
Epilogue Inciting Happiness 24/7---The             269(6)
Components of a Sane Life
Notes                                              275