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Burning the Page : The Ebook Revolution and the Future of Reading: Merkoski, Jason: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Burning the Page : The Ebook Revolution and the Future of Reading
Burning the Page : The Ebook Revolution and the Future of Reading
Publisher : Sourcebooks Inc
Published Date : 2013/08
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781402288838

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Language : English
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A groundbreaking vision on the future of reading, from an early innovator on Amazon’s Kindle team.

Is digital the death knell for print?

Or will it reinvigorate the written word?

What will happen to bookstores, book browsing, libraries, even autographs?

Will they die out—or evolve into something new?

In Burning the Page, digital pioneer Jason Merkoski charts the ebook revolution’s striking impact on the ways in which we create, discover, and share ideas. From the sleek halls of Silicon Valley to the jungles of Southeast Asia, Merkoski explores how ebooks came to be and predicts innovative and interactive ways digital content will shape our lives. Throughout, you are invited to continue the conversation online and help shape this exciting new world of “Reading 2.0.”

For those who love books, collect books, own an e-reader, vow never to own one, or simply want to know where books are headed, this is a crucial guide to both the future of reading and to our digital culture as a whole.
Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Textual Format: Computer Applications
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Geographic Designator: United States
Kirkus Reviews 2013 July #2
Booklist Reviews 2013 August #1
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Table of Contents
How It Started                                     xi
Introduction to "Bookmarks"                        xvii
    The History of Books                           1   (10)
      Bookmark: Reading in Bed                     9   (2)
    The Origin of Ebooks                           11  (8)
      Bookmark: Annotations                        16  (3)
    Launching the Kindle                           19  (18)
      Bookmark: Knapsacks, Book Bags, and          34  (3)
    Improving Perfection: Launching the Kindle2    37  (10)
      Bookmark: Burning Books                      43  (4)
    The First Competitors                          47  (14)
      Bookmark: Book Browsing                      58  (3)
    The Neurobiology of Reading                    61  (8)
      Bookmark: Love Letters Preserved between     67  (2)
    Why Books (and Ebooks) Can Never Be Replaced   69  (10)
      Bookmark: Indexes                            76  (3)
    Igniting Readers at Last!                      79  (10)
      Bookmark: Autographs                         87  (2)
    Wax Cylinders and Technological Obsolescence   89  (8)
      Bookmark: Used Books                         94  (3)
    Fanning the Flames of Revolution               97  (10)
      Bookmark: Inscriptions                       103 (4)
    Innovators and Laggards: The New Face of       107 (16)
      Bookmark: Bookstores                         120 (3)
    Our Books Are Moving to the Cloud              123 (10)
      Bookmark: Bookshelves                        130 (3)
    Google: A Facebook for Books?                  133 (8)
      Bookmark: Book Discovery                     138 (3)
    Globalization                                  141 (8)
      Bookmark: Dictionaries                       147 (2)
    Language Change: "Whan that Aprille, with      149 (8)
    hise shoures soote..."
      Bookmark: Dog-Eared Pages                    154 (3)
    Education: Print or Digital?                   157 (12)
      Bookmark: Book Covers                        165 (4)
    Libraries                                      169 (10)
      Bookmark: Bookworms                          174 (5)
    The Future of E-Reader Hardware: Pico          179 (10)
      Bookmark: Lost Libraries                     185 (4)
    The Future of Writing                          189 (10)
      Bookmark: Degraded Text                      196 (3)
    Digitizing Culture                             199 (14)
      Bookmark: Altered Books                      210 (3)
    Reading: A Dying Art?                          213 (12)
      Bookmark: Attention Spans                    220 (5)
The Last Digital Frontier                          225 (10)
Acknowledgments                                    235 (2)
About the Author                                   237