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Last Good Man -- Paperback: Kazinski, A. J.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Last Good Man -- Paperback
Last Good Man -- Paperback
Publisher : Simon & Schuster Ltd
Published Date : 2012/03
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780857205797

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Book Description

According to Jewish scripture, there are thirty-six righteous people on earth. Without them, humanity would perish. But the thirty-six do not know that they are the chosen ones. In Beijing, a monk collapses in his chamber. A fiery mark has spread across his back and down his spine. In Mumbai, a man who served the poor dies suddenly. His body shows the same mark. Similar deaths are reported in cities around the world - the victims all humanitarians, all with the same death mark. In Copenhagen, it falls to veteran detective Niels Bentzon to investigate. He is told to find eight 'good people' of Denmark and warn them of this threat. But Bentzon is trained to see the worst in people and he becomes increasingly skeptical as he realizes that not everyone perceived to be good is truly good. It is only when Niels meets Hannah, a brilliant astrophysicist mourning the death of her husband, that the pair begin to piece together the puzzle and a pattern emerges. There have been thirty-four deaths and there are two more to come. According to the pattern, Bentzon and Hannah can predict the time and place of the final two. The murders will occur in Venice and Copenhagen. And the time is now.GY IN IO JM JO KE KI KN KW LC LK LS MM MS MT MU MV MW MY MZ NA NG NP NR PG PK PN SB SC SD SH SL SO SZ TO TT TV TZ UG VC VG VU WS YE ZM ZWCF CG CH CI CK CL CN CO CR CS CU CV CX CZ DE DJ DK DO DZ EC EE EG EH ER ES ET FI FM FO FR GA GE GF GL GN GP GQ GR GT GW HK HM HN HR HT HU ID IL IQ IR IS IT JP KG KH KM KP KR KY KZ LA LB LI LR LT LU LV LY MA MC MD MG MK ML MN MO MQ MR MX NC NE NF NI NL NO NU OM PA PE PF PL PM PS PT PW PY QA RE RO RU RW SA SE SG SI SJ SK SM SN SR ST SV SY TC TD TF TG TH TJ TK TL TM TN TR TW UA UY UZ VA VE VN WF YTis the greatest benefit. The second benefit is the instructor's manual with the lecture outline and power point slides. The instructor should have minimal preparation for the course and students can simply read the questions at the end of the chapter to see where they should focus their attention.The book stands out because it is a one of kind in an area that has massed considerable attention in the last year given the credit crunch that has occurred world wide. It is important from a pedagogical standpoint to provide the instructor with as much information and tools as possible given the need to fully utilize technology in the classroom. 1. Does the book have questions at the end of the chapters? 2. Does the book provide power point slides? 3. Does the book provide an instructor's manual. 4. Does the book critically assess the subject matter and cause students to think? 5. Does the book address the issues in a coherent fashion? There are no books that examine comparative budgeting utilizing this paradigm, a country by country examination. Books that are on the market utilize a thematic approach and then use country examples when discussing those themes. For example: Anwar Shah (ed). Budgeting and Budgetary Institutions, 2007/ The World Bank.