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The Lost Symbol: (Robert Langdon Book 3) (Robert Langdon): Brown, Dan: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The Lost Symbol: (Robert Langdon Book 3) (Robert Langdon)
The Lost Symbol: (Robert Langdon Book 3) (Robert Langdon)
Publisher : Bantam Press
Published Date : 2009/04
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780593054277

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Book Description

WHAT WAS LOST WILL BE FOUND...Washington DCLangdon is summoned at the last minute to deliver an evening lecture in the Capitol Building. Within moments of his arrival, however, a disturbing object - gruesomely encoded with five symbols - is discovered at the epicentre of the Rotunda. It is, he recognises, an ancient invitation, meant to beckon its recipient towards a long-lost world of hidden esoteric wisdom. When Langdon's revered mentor, Peter Solomon - philanthropist and prominent mason - is brutally kidnapped, Langdon realizes that his only hope of saving his friend's life is to accept this mysterious summons and follow wherever it leads him. Langdon finds himself quickly swept behind the facade of America's most historic city into the unseen chambers, temples and tunnels which exist there. All that was familiar is transformed into a shadowy, clandestine world of an artfully concealed past in which Masonic secrets and never-before-seen revelations seem to be leading him to a single impossible and inconceivable truth.A brilliantly composed tapestry of veiled histories, arcane icons and enigmatic codes, The Lost Symbol is an intelligent, lightning-paced thriller that offers surprises at every turn. For, as Robert Langdon will discover, there is nothing more extraordinary or shocking than the secret which hides in plain sight...GI GM GY HK HM IM IN IO JE JM JO KE KI KN KY LC LK LS ME MM MS MT MU MV MW MY NA NF NG NP NR NU PG PK PN RS SB SC SD SG SH SL SO SZ TC TK TO TT TV TZ UG VC VG VU WS YE ZM ZWCF CG CH CI CL CM CN CO CR CU CV CZ DE DJ DK DO DZ EC EE EG EH ER ES ET FI FM FO FR GA GE GF GL GN GP GQ GR GS GT GU GW HN HR HT HU ID IL IQ IR IS IT JP KG KH KM KP KR KW KZ LA LB LI LR LT LU LV LY MA MC MD MF MG MH MK ML MN MO MP MQ MR MX MZ NC NE NI NL NO OM PA PE PF PL PS PT PW PY QA RE RO RU RW SA SE SI SJ SK SM SN SR ST SV SY TD TF TG TH TJ TL TM TN TR TW UA UY UZ VA VE VN WF YT- reinforcing the European identity? Sionaidh Douglas-Scou; the politics of alterity and exclusion in the European Union, Carole Lyons. Part 3 European identity in national law and the European Convention: Foucault and the "illegal alien" - national identity as focus for distinction and control, Sarah van Walsum; Querelles asks for asylum, Thomas Spijkerboer; legal pluralism in Britain - the rights of Muslims after Rushdie affair, Kathleen M. Moore; the construction of the other in the European human rights enterprise - a narrative about democracy, human rights, the rule of law and my neighbour, Kristina Morvai.ES, and How Is It Constructed? OpenGL ES: Basic Questions Properly Integrating OpenGL ES The OpenGL Coordinate System Simple Drawing Operations Digression: Math Plotter And Pictures? What Is All the Talk about Textures? Onward to the Matrix: The Transformation Functions Animations with Texture Clipping The Final Frontier: Scrolling and Parallax Scrolling Going Out with a Bang: An OpenGL ES Shooter Support for Retina Displays under OpenGL ES The Third Dimension: 3D Games How Are 3D Games Constructed? The Basic Framework The 3D Coordinate System Drawing Simple Shapes Texturing Surfaces Texturing 3D Objects Let There Be Light Creating, Loading, and Integrating 3D Models Additional 3D Models with Texture First-Person Perspective: Setting and Deploying the Camera Spaceflight: A 3D Game Is Born On the Trail of Angry Birds-Physics Engine Box2D Introduction How Do I Integrate Box2D? What Goes Up Must Come Down Sprites under Box2D A Box2D Game: Free the Birds The GLKit Framework-OpenGL ES Made Easy Introduction A First Example GLKitView and Game Loop GLKit and 3D-Using a Camera according to the GLU Model Complete Control: Game Sounds with OpenAL Introduction Encapsulation of the OpenAL API How Is Sound Formed? Creating a Polyphonic Sound Engine Waiting to Be a Millionaire Your Gateway to the World-iTunes Connect Test, Test, Test: But How Does a Game Get into My Device? Release and Distribution Marketing Plans? Bibliography