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Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals: Thompson, Rob, M.D.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
Publisher : Thames & Hudson
Published Date : 2007/11
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780500513750

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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A80503200 A96010200
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Professional
Library Journal - Reference Supplement 2008
Baker & Taylor Forecast - October 2007 (Merged With Book Alert)
Table of Contents
How to use this book                               8  (2)
Introduction: The importance of materials and      10 (12)
manufacturing knowledge for successful design
  Part One: Forming Technology
    Plastics and Rubber
      Blow Molding                                 22 (8)
        Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM)
        Injection Blow Molding (IBM)
        Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)
      Thermoforming                                30 (6)
        Vacuum Forming
        Pressure Forming
        Plug-assisted Forming
        Twin Sheet Thermoforming
      Rotation Molding                             36 (4)
      Vacuum Casting                               40 (4)
      Compression Molding                          44 (6)
        Compression Molding Rubber
        Compression Molding Plastic
      Injection Molding                            50 (14)
        Moldflow analysis
        Gas-assisted Injection Molding
        Multishot Injection Molding
        In-Mold Decoration
      Reaction Injection Molding                   64 (4)
      Dip Molding                                  68 (4)
      Panel Beating                                72 (6)
        Jig Chasing
        Wheel Forming
      Metal Spinning                               78 (4)
      Metal Stamping                               82 (6)
        Secondary Pressing
      Deep Drawing                                 88 (4)
      Superforming                                 92 (6)
        Cavity Forming
        Bubble Forming
        Backpressure Forming
        Diaphragm Forming
      Tube and Section Bending                     98 (6)
        Mandrel Bending
        Ring Rolling
      Swaging                                      104(6)
        Rotary Swaging
        Hydraulic Swaging
      Roll Forming                                 110(4)
      Forging                                      114(6)
        Drop Forging
        Roll Forging
      Sand Casting                                 120(4)
      Die Casting                                  124(6)
        High Pressure Die Casting
        Low Pressure Die Casting
      Investment Casting                           130(6)
      Metal Injection Molding                      136(4)
      Electroforming                               140(4)
      Centrifugal Casting                          144(4)
      Press Braking                                148(4)
    Glass and Ceramics
      Glassblowing                                 152(8)
        Studio Glassblowing
        Machine Blow and Blow
        Machine Press and Blow
      Lampworking                                  160(8)
        Hole Boring
        Mandrel Forming
      Clay Throwing                                168(4)
      Ceramic Slip Casting                         172(4)
      Press Molding Ceramics                       176(6)
        Ram Pressing
      CNC Machining                                182(8)
      Wood Laminating                              190(8)
        Solid Wood Lamination
        Veneer Lamination
      Steam Bending                                198(4)
        Circle Bending
        Open Bending
      Paper Pulp Molding                           202(4)
      Composite Laminating                         206(12)
        Wet Lay-up
        Pre-preg Lay-up
        Resin Transfer Molding
      DMC and SMC Molding                          218(4)
      Filament Winding                             222(6)
      3D Thermal Laminating                        228(4)
        3D Laminating (3DL)
        3D Rotary Laminating (3Dr)
    Layered Manufacturing
      Rapid Prototyping                            232(12)
        Stereolithography (SLA)
        Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
        Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
  Part Two: Cutting Technology
      Photochemical Machining                      244(4)
      Laser Cutting                                248(6)
      Electrical Discharge Machining               254(6)
        Die Sink EDM
        Wire EDM
      Punching and Blanking                        260(6)
      Die Cutting                                  266(6)
      Water Jet Cutting                            272(4)
      Glass Scoring                                276(6)
  Part Three: Joining Technology
      Arc Welding                                  282(6)
        Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA)
        Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG)
        Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)
        Plasma Welding
        Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
      Power Beam Welding                           288(6)
        Laser Beam Welding (LBW)
        Electron Beam Welding (EBW)
      Friction Welding                             294(4)
        Rotary Friction Welding (RFW)
        Linear Friction Welding (LFW)
        Orbital Friction Welding (OFW)
        Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
      Vibration Welding                            298(4)
      Ultrasonic Welding                           302(6)
      Resistance Welding                           308(4)
        Projection Welding
        Spot Welding
        Seam Welding
      Soldering and Brazing                        312(4)
        Conduction Method
        Torch Method
        Furnace Method
      Staking                                      316(4)
        Hot Air Staking
        Ultrasonic Staking
      Hot Plate Welding                            320(4)
      Joinery                                      324(8)
      Weaving                                      332(6)
      Upholstery                                   338(6)
      Timber Frame Structures                      344(6)
  Part Four Finishing Technology
    Additive Processes
      Spray Painting                               350(6)
      Powder Coating                               356(4)
        Electrostatic Spraying
        Fluidized Bed Powder Coating
      Anodizing                                    360(4)
      Electroplating                               364(4)
      Galvanizing                                  368(4)
      Vacuum Metalizing                            372(4)
    Subtractive Processes
      Grinding, Sanding and Polishing              376(8)
        Wheel Cutting
        Belt Sanding
      Electropolishing                             384(4)
      Abrasive Blasting                            388(4)
      Photo Etching                                392(4)
      CNC Engraving                                396(4)
      Screen Printing                              400(4)
      Pad Printing                                 404(4)
      Hydro Transfer Printing                      408(4)
      Foil Blocking and Embossing                  412(6)
  Part Five Materials
      Introduction to Materials                    418(6)
      Introduction to Plastics                     424(6)
      Thermoplastic                                430(10)
      Thermoset                                    440(6)
      Bioplastic                                   446(2)
      Introduction to Metals                       448(6)
      Ferrous                                      454(3)
      Non-Ferrous                                  457(7)
    Wood and natural fibres
      Introduction to Wood                         464(6)
      Softwoods                                    470(2)
      Hardwoods                                    472(8)
      Natural fibres                               480(2)
    Ceramics and Glass
      Introduction to Ceramics and Glass           482(6)
      Ceramics                                     488(2)
      Glass                                        490(6)
      Glossary and Abbreviations                   496(6)
      Featured Companies                           502(10)
      Organizations and Other Sources of           512(4)
Further Reading                                    516(3)
Illustration Credits                               519(3)
Acknowledgments                                    522(2)
Index                                              524

There is absolutely no precedent for this book, the only encyclopaedic guide to manufacturing processes that explores established, new, emerging and innovative production techniques that have, or will have, an important impact on the design industry. With over 1,200 photographs and technical illustrations, it is the definitive reference for 3D designers, product designers, architects and engineers who need a convenient, highly accessible and practical reference that will enable them to make fast and efficient decision-making in design projects.

IntroductionRubber; Metal; Glass; Ceramics; Wood; Composites; Layered Manufacturing; Cutting Technology; Thermal; Mechanical; Joining Technology; Thermal; Mechanical; Finishing Technology; Additive Processes; Subtractive Processes; Printing; Material Profiles; Wood; Plastic; Metal; Glass and Ceramics.and botulism diseases.The chapters detailing common medical applications of the toxins cover side effects and novel uses, including neuronal drug delivery strategies, and provide a fresh look at what can still be achieved. They also explore the toxins as potential threat agents and the advent of the therapeutic use of botulinum toxins. Highlighting the pitfalls, successes, and challenges that exist when engineering complex proteins, the book brings together the clinical and theoretical worlds. It presents a broad overview of the current status of botulinum research and its clinical applications.

INTRODUCTION AND HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE, K.A. Foster, P. Hambleton, and C.C. Shone Introduction Neurotoxigenic Clostridia Diseases of Botulinum and Tetanus Neurotoxins Clinical Use of Botulinum Neurotoxins THREE-DIMENSIONAL PROTEIN STRUCTURES OF LIGHT CHAINS OF BOTULINUM NEUROTOXIN SEROTYPES A, B, AND E AND TETANUS NEUROTOXIN, S. Swaminathan and R.C. Stevens Structure of Botulinum Neurotoxin 150kDa Holotoxin Proteolysis of Snare Proteins by Botulinum Neurotoxin Light Chains Structure of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A Light Chain Strucuture of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype B Light Chain A Possible Proteolytic Mechanism of Botulinum Neurotoxins Strudture of Botulinum Neurotoxin Light Chain E Structure of Tetanus Neurotoxin Light Chain Conclusion References MECHANISMS OF ACTIONS OF NEUROTOXINS, H. Bigalke and T. Binz Introduction Toxin Uptake, Toxicity, and Clinical Disease Manifestation Binding to Nerve Cell Receptors Internalization into the Neuronal Cytosol References VACCINES TO PROTECT AGAINST NEUROTOXINS, L.A. Smith and I. Henderson Introduction Toxoid Vaccines Recombinant Vaccines The Vaccine Candidate RBV A/B Conclusion References INHIBITORS OF CLOSTRIDIAL NEUROTOXIN PROTEINASE ACTIVITIES, J.J. Schmidt and K.A. Foster Inhibitors if Clostridial Neurotoxin Proteinase Activities Neutralizing Antibodies Conclusion References INTRODUCTION TO CLINICAL USE OF BOTULINUM NEUROTOXINS, M.P. Barnes Introduction Theory of Clinical Use Practical Aspects of Injection Technique Longer Term Side Effects and Problems Logistics and Cost Dystonia Spasticity Conclusions References EXPANDING CLINICAL USES OF BOTULINUM NEUROTOXINS, A.P. Moore Introduction New Indications The Future: Other Possible Indications and Speculation Conclusions DEVELOPMENT OF THERAPEUTICS BASED UPON CLOSTRIDIAL ENDOPEPTIDASE ACTIVITY, K.A. Foster and J.A. Chaddock Introduction Clostridial Neurotoxin Structure and Function: The 'Endopeptidase' Domain Recombinant Expression of the LHN/A Rationale for Use of the LHN Endopeptidase Pain The Potential Use of Neurotoxins Endopeptidase Fragments for Pain Releif Alternative Therapeutic Possibilities Conclusions References USE OF NEUROTOXINS AS DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS, P. Foran Overview Generation of Non-Toxic Derivatives Retaining Neuronal Targeting and Delivery Capabilities Using Classical Biochemical Mehtods or Recombinant Means The Diverse Neuronal Targeting and Cell Trafficking Pathways Exerted by Clostridial Neurotoxins In Vitro or In Vivo Neuronal Targeting Achievements Made Using Innocuous Derivatives: But Not Demonstrating Cytosolic Transfer Achievements of Cell or Neuronal Targeting, as well as, Cytoplasmic Delivery of Foreign Cargos Using Innocuous Derivatives Important Structural Features Proven Essential For Efficient In Vivo Neuronal Targeting and Cytoplasmic Delivery of Cargo Strategies for the Efficient Linkage of Therapeutic Adducts to Transporters: Approaches that Ensure Optimal Linkage Efficiency and Orientation Potential Diseases that May be Targeted Using Innocuous BoNT- or TeNT-based Neuron Delivery Vehicles How Much Cargo can BoNT-Based Transporters Deliver? The Varied Intracellular Trafficking and Site-Specific Delivery Addresses Anticipated for Cargos Linked to BoNT-or TeNT-based Vehicles Conclusion References CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES: BOTULINUM NEUROTOXINS AS PARADIGMS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF MICROBIAL EFFECTOR-DERIVED DRUGS, J.M. Sutton Introduction To Kill or Not to Kill: Strategies for Toxin Therapeutics General Themes for the Future Development of Bacterial Effector-Based Therapeutics References IndexRESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES Researchable Issues and Development Priorities for Countering Climate Change, R. Lal, B.A. Stewart, D.O. Hansen and N. Uphoff