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My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me : Forty New Fairy Tales: Bernheimer, Kathryn (EDT)/ Smith, Carmen Gimenez (EDT)/ Maguire, Grego: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me : Forty New Fairy Tales
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me : Forty New Fairy Tales
Publisher : Penguin Group USA
Published Date : 2010/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780143117841

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A23305040 A23343000
Place of Publication: United States
Textual Format: Readings/Anthologies
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Geographic Designator: United States
Baker & Taylor Forecast - September 2010
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Table of Contents
Introduction                                       xvii
          Kate Bernheimer
Drawing the Curtain                                xxv
          Gregory Maguire
    Baba Iaga and the Pelican Child                1   (7)
          Joy Williams
      Russia "Baba Yaga"
    Ardour                                         8   (22)
          Jonathon Keats
      Russia "The Snow Maiden"
      I'm Here                                     14  (16)
          Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
      Russia "Ivan Tsarevich"
    The Brother And The Bird                       30  (12)
          Alissa Nutting
      Germany "The Juniper Tree," Brothers Grimm
    Hansel And Gretel                              42  (17)
          Francine Prose
      Germany "Hansel And Gretel," Brothers
    A Day In The Life Of Half Of Rumpelstiltskin   59  (15)
          Kevin Brockmeier
      Germany "Rumpelstiltskin," Brothers Grimm
    With Hair Of Hand-Spun Gold                    74  (10)
          Neil Labute
      Germany "Rumpelstiltskin," Brothers Grimm
    The Swan Brothers                              84  (21)
          Shelley Jackson
      Germany "The Six Swans," Brothers Grimm
    The Warm Mouth                                 105 (8)
          Joyelle McSweeney
      Germany "The Bremen Town Musicians,"
      Brothers Grimm
    Snow White, Rose Red                           113 (13)
          Lydia Millet
      Germany "Snow-White and Rose-Red,"
      Brothers Grimm
    The Erlking                                    126 (13)
          Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum
      Germany "The Erlking," Johann Goethe
    Dapplegrim                                     139 (10)
          Brian Evenson
      Norway "Dapplegrim," Peter Christen
      Asbjornien and Jorgen Moe
    The Wild Swans                                 149 (3)
          Michael Cunningham
      Denmark "The Wild Swans," Hans Christian
    Halfway People                                 152 (13)
          Karen Joy Fowler
      Denmark "The Wild Swans," Hans Christian
    Green Air                                      165 (6)
          Rikki Ducornet
      Denmark "The Little Match Girl," Hans
      Christian Andersen
    The Mermaid In The Tree                        171 (29)
          Timothy Schaffert
      Denmark "The Little Mermaid," Hans
      Christian Andersen
    What The Conch Shell Sings When The Body Is    200 (21)
          Katherine Vaz
      Denmark "The Little Mermaid," Hans
      Christian Andersen
    The Snow Queen                                 221 (16)
          Karen Brennan
      Denmark "The Snow Queen," Hans Christian
    Eyes Of Dogs                                   237 (13)
          Lucy Corin
      Denmark "The Tinder Box," Hans Christian
    Little Pot                                     250 (4)
          Ilya Kaminsky
      Denmark "The Teapot," Hans Christian
    A Bucket Of Warm Spit                          254 (16)
          Michael Martone
      England "Jack And The Beanstalk," Joseph
    Catskin                                        270 (29)
          Kelly Link
      England "Catskin," Joseph Jacobs
    Teague O'Kane And The Corpse                   299 (17)
          Chris Adrian
      Ireland "Teague O'Kane And The Corpse,"
      Willam Butler Yeats
    Pleasure Boating In Lituya Bay                 316 (21)
          Jim Shepard
      Italy "Jump Into My Sack," Italo Calvino
    Body-Without-Soul                              337 (16)
          Kathryn Davis
      Italy "Body-Without-Soul," Italo Calvino
    The Girl, The Wolf, The Crone                  353 (8)
          Kellie Wells
      Italy "The Story Of Grandmother"
    My Brother Gary Made A Movie And This Is       361 (5)
    What Happened
          Sabrina Orah Mark
      Italy "The Young Slave," Giambattista
    The Color Master                               366 (20)
          Aimee Bender
      France "Donkeyskin," Charles Perrault
    The White Cat                                  386 (4)
          Marjorie Sandor
      France "The White Cat," Madame d'Aulnoy
    Blue-Bearded Lover                             390 (4)
          Joyce Carol Oates
      France "Bluebeard," Charles Perrault
    Bluebeard In Ireland                           394 (17)
          John Updike
      France "Bluebeard," Charles Perrault
    A Kiss To Wake The Sleeper                     411 (12)
          Rabih Alameddine
      France "Sleeping Beauty," Charles Perrault
    A Case Study Of Emergency Room Procedure       423 (11)
    And Risk Management By Hospital Staff
    Members In The Urban Facility
          Stacey Richter
      France "Cinderella," Charles Perrault
    Orange                                         434 (9)
          Neil Gaiman
      Greece The Odyssey, Homer
    Psyche's Dark Night                            443 (17)
          Francesca Lia Block
      Greece "Cupid And Psyche"
    The Story Of The Mosquito                      460 (7)
          Lily Hoang
      Vietnam "The Story Of The Mosquito"
    First Day Of Snow                              467 (5)
          Naoko Awa
      Japan "A Kamikakushi Tale"
    I Am Anjuhimeko                                472 (23)
          Hiromi Ito
      Japan "Sansho The Steward"
    Coyote Takes Us Home                           495 (17)
          Michael Mejia
      Mexico "Tales From Jalisco," Mexico
    Ever After                                     512 (15)
          Kim Addonizio
      United States Snow White And The Seven
      Dwarfs," Walt Disney
    Whitework                                      527 (8)
          Kate Bernheimer
      United States "The Oval Portrait," Edgar
      Allan Poe
Acknowledgments                                    535 (2)
About The Contributors                             537
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