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The China Wave : Rise of a Civilizational State: Zhang, Weiwei: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The China Wave : Rise of a Civilizational State
The China Wave : Rise of a Civilizational State
Publisher : World Century
Published Date : 2012/03
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781938134012

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Edition: Translation
Academic Level: Graduate
PW Annex Reviews
PW Reviews 2012 April #3
Table of Contents
Acknowledgments                                    vii
Preface to the English Edition                     ix
Introduction                                       1  (4)
    Chapter 1 Not Misreading Oneself               5  (24)
      1.1 A Fast-Changing World                    5  (7)
      1.2 The Unusual Ascent                       12 (2)
      1.3 Surpassing Japan                         14 (5)
      1.4 The GDP Paradox                          19 (5)
      1.5 To the Top                               24 (5)
    Chapter 2 China's 1 + 1 > 2                 29 (18)
      2.1 The "Quasi-Developed Countries"          29 (6)
      within China
      2.2 The Size of China's Middle Class         35 (4)
      2.3 The "Emerging Economies" within China    39 (2)
      2.4 Why China's 1 + 1 > 2?                41 (6)
    Chapter 3 The Rise of a Civilizational State   47 (36)
      3.1 China's Rocky Path towards a             47 (4)
      3.2 The Rise of a Civilizational State       51 (16)
      3.3 A New Perspective                        67 (4)
      3.4 Looking at China Afresh                  71 (12)
    Chapter 4 The Rise of a Development Model      83 (28)
      4.1 Reflections after the Crises             83 (6)
      4.2 The China Model May Win Out              89 (16)
      4.3 Shaping the Chinese Standards            105(6)
    Chapter 5 The Rise of a New Political          111(28)
      5.1 Political Reform, the Chinese Way        111(5)
      5.2 Debating Human Rights                    116(9)
      5.3 The Rise of a New Political Discourse    125(14)
    Chapter 6 The End of the End of History        139(38)
      6.1 The Western Model: from India to         139(6)
      Eastern Europe
      6.2 The Western Model: East Asia and         145(7)
      6.3 Debating with Fukuyama: The End of       152(25)
      the End of History
Index                                              177

This is a best-seller in China and a geopolitical book for our times. As a leading thinker from China, Zhang Weiwei provides an original, comprehensive and engrossing study on the rise of China and its effective yet controversial model of development, and the book has become a centerpiece of an unfolding debate within China on the nature and future of the world's most populous nation and its possible global impact. China's rise, according to Zhang, is not the rise of an ordinary country, but the rise of a different type of country, a country sui gendre, a civilizational state, a new model of development and a new political discourse which indeed questions many of the Western assumptions about democracy, good governance and human rights. The book is as analytical as it is provocative, and should be required reading for everyone concerned with the rise of China and its global implications.

Not Misreading Oneself; China's 1+1 > 2; The Rise of a Civilizational State; The Rise of a Development Model; The Rise of a New Political Discourse; The End of the End of History.