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Footwear Design (Portfolio Skills: Fashion & Textiles): Choklat, Aki: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Footwear Design (Portfolio Skills: Fashion & Textiles)
Footwear Design (Portfolio Skills: Fashion & Textiles)
Publisher : Laurence King Pub
Published Date : 2012/03
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781856697453

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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A97603600
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Continuations: Monograph Series,any number
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Table of Contents
Introduction                                       7  (1)
Chapter 1 Footwear Design Then and Now             8  (20)
  Fashion And Celebrity-The Seventeenth and        13 (1)
  Eighteenth Centuries
  Haute Couture And Seasonal Fashion Cycles-The    14 (1)
  Nineteenth Century
  Innovation And Street Fashion-The Twentieth      14 (2)
  The Future Of Footwear Design-The                16 (2)
  Twenty-First Century
  The Footwear Industry                            18 (10)
    Case Study: Liza Snook                         22 (2)
    Case Study: Catherine Willems                  24 (4)
Chapter 2 Shoe Basics                              28 (24)
  Foot Anatomy                                     30 (4)
  Shoe Anatomy                                     34 (6)
  The Last                                         40 (2)
  Patterns                                         42 (2)
  Materials Used In The Shoe Industry              44 (2)
  Shoe Styles                                      46 (6)
    Case Study: Sebastian Tarek                    50 (2)
Charter 3 Research                                 52 (38)
  Inspiration                                      56 (4)
  Investigation                                    60 (5)
  The Process                                      65 (2)
  Compiling A Sketchbook                           67 (3)
  Mood Board                                       70 (2)
  Digital Research                                 72 (2)
  Creating An Ideas Book                           74 (2)
  Color And Materials                              76 (6)
  Trend Analysis And Forecasting                   82 (8)
    Case Study: Nicoline Van Enter                 84 (2)
    Case Study: Niels Holger Wien                  86 (4)
Chapter 4 Collection Designt                       90 (42)
  Design Development                               92 (18)
  Collection Theory                                110(22)
    Case Study: Minna Parikka                      124(2)
    Case Study: Rosanne Bergsma                    126(2)
    Case Study: Stuart Weitzman                    128(2)
    Case Study: Paco Gil                           130(2)
Chapter 5 Presentation                             132(42)
  Presenting Your Ideas                            134(2)
  Drawing                                          136(18)
  Technical Drawings And Line Drawings             154(10)
  Mixed Media                                      164(2)
  The Design Pack                                  166(2)
  Portfolio                                        168(2)
  After Graduation                                 170(4)
Chapter 6 Training And Working In The Footwear     174(12)
  Training                                         176(2)
  Footwear Careers                                 178(5)
    Case Study: Rachel Jones                       180(3)
  Seasons And Trade Shows                          183(3)
    Case Study: Sue Saunders                       184(2)
Glossary                                           186(1)
Useful Information                                 187(1)
Index                                              188(3)
Picture Credits                                    191(1)
Acknowledgments                                    192

Footwear design has become the new dream career, and this book is the first guide to show the key skills and tips behind the trade, for both budding designers and anyone interested in shoes. Since Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik became household names, footwear design is now one of the most lucrative strands of any fashion brand. Aki Choklat explores the footwear design process, explaining the differences between the anatomy of the foot and the anatomy of a shoe, showing how one constrains the other, before moving onto the research and design development processes and the art of creating a complete collection. The all-important presentation is then discussed, including illustrative techniques, before the book ends with advice for those wishing to pursue a career in footwear design. Illustrated throughout with inspirational sketchbooks detailing the design process and specially commissioned images of cutting-edge shoe design, the book also contains case studies featuring an array of international shoe designers.