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Time Warped -- Paperback: Hammond, Claudia: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Book Details
Time Warped -- Paperback
Time Warped -- Paperback
Publisher : Canongate Books Ltd
Published Date : 2012/05
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847677907

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Introduction                                       1  (10)
    1 The Time Illusion                            11 (38)
      Your Time Is My Time
      Time's Surprises
      Time Slows Down When You're Afraid
      Throwing People Off Buildings
      Not the Kindest of Experiments
      Hyperactive Time
      Diving For Time
      Five Times a Day for 45 Years
      How to Make Time Stand Still
    2 Mind Clocks                                  49 (48)
      Electrifying the Brain
      The Man Who Thought the Working Day Had
      The Perfect Sleep
      Emotional Moments
      The Oddball Effect
      The Magic of Three
      Heading for a Precipice Blindfolded
      Is the Brain Timing Itself?
      Operation Time
    3 Monday is Red                                97 (48)
      Months Go Round In a Circle
      The Millennium Problem
      Colour-in History
      The SNARC Effect
      Do We See All Time In Space?
      Time, Space and Language
      Time and Space Mixed Up
      When Is Wednesday's Meeting?
      The River of Time
      Making Time Go Backwards
      Mellow Monday and Furious Friday
    4 Why Time Speeds Up As You Get Older          145(64)
      Autobiographical Memory
      Total Recall
      When Time Speeds Up
      Life Through a Telescope
      Take Two Items a Day For Five Years
      Time-Stamping the Past
      Everything Shook
      A Thousand Days
      The Reminiscence Bump
      Remembering Moments, Not Days
      The Holiday Paradox
    5 Remembering the Future                       209(56)
      Time-Travelling Into the Future
      Can Your Dog Picture Next Week?
      What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
      Memories For Events That Never Happened
      Suicide Island
      Thinking About Nothing
      An Erroneous Future
      Bad Choices
      Five Years to Reach the Word `Ant'
      One Marshmallow Or Two?
      Future-Orientated Thinking
      Looking Back, Looking Forward
    6 Changing Your Relationship with Time         265(50)
      Time Is Speeding Up
      Making Time Go Faster
      Too Much To Do, Too Little Time
      Failing to Plan Ahead
      A Poor Memory For the Past
      Worrying Too Much About the Future
      Trying to Live in the Present
      Predicting How You'll Feel in the Future
      In Conclusion
Acknowledgements                                   315(4)
Notes                                              319(4)
Bibliography                                       323(12)
Index                                              335

Have you ever tried to spend a day without looking at a clock or checking your watch? It's almost impossible. Time rules our lives, but how much do we understand about it? And is it possible to retrain our brains and improve our relationship with it? Drawing on the latest research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and biology, and using original research on the way memory shapes our understanding of time, the acclaimed writer and broadcaster Claudia Hammond delves into the mysteries of time perception. Along the way, Claudia introduces us to an extraordinary array of characters willing to go to great lengths in the interests of research, such as the French speleologist Michel, who spends two months in an ice cave in complete darkness. We meet one group of volunteers who steer themselves towards the edge of a stairwell, blindfolded, and another who are strapped into a harness and dropped off the edge of tower block. Time Warped shows us how to manage our time more efficiently, speed time up and slow it down at will, plan for the future with more accuracy and, ultimately, use the warping of time to our own advantage.