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The Libyan Revolution : It's Origins and Legacy a Memoir and Assessment: Hagger, Nicholas: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The Libyan Revolution : It's Origins and Legacy a Memoir and Assessment
The Libyan Revolution : It's Origins and Legacy a Memoir and Assessment
Publisher : O Books
Published Date : 2009/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781846942563

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: Great Britain
Geographic Designator: Middle East/North Africa
Table of Contents
Preface                                            ix
  Part One The End of the Old Regime               1  (40)
    Pro-Western Tripoli                            3  (18)
    The Decadence of a Dying Order                 21 (20)
  Part Two sThe Revolution and its Aims            41 (50)
    The 1969 Coup                                  43 (16)
    Gaddafi's Anti-Western Measures: Growing       59 (32)
  Part Three The Achievements of the Revolution    91 (51)
    Growing Terror and Isolation: 1971-1980        93 (18)
    Terrorism and Nuclear Weapons, 1981-2001       111(16)
    Returning to the International Fold and        127(15)
    Disarmament, 2002-2009
  Timeline                                         142(147)
      Portrait of Western Libya
      Catching the Libyan Atmosphere and           155(134)
      Western Links
        Tripoli Castle: Two Caramanlis             157(3)
        Suk Al-Jum'a: Camels and Volkswagen        160(5)
        Our Lady of Garian and the Troglodyte      165(6)
        Tripoli's Old City: The Old British        171(5)
        Consulate and the Baker
        Leptis: Septimius Severus and the          176(7)
        Medallioned Groom
        Sabratha: Flavius Tullus and the           183(8)
        Two Amphitheatres: Beasts and a            191(9)
        Thracian Gladiator
        Tripoli's Old City: A Tarbooshed           200(6)
        Merchant, a Sandalled Plague-Bearer
        New Tripoli: A Ghaffir with Italian        206(5)
        Medals, 45s in an Oilman's Car
        Miss Tully's Story of Yusef Caramanli      211(8)
        The Shar'a Shart Fort: Battleships and     219(4)
        a Rope Sling
        The Intrepid: Decatur's Fireship, a        223(5)
        Seaman with a Knotted Scarf
        Djerba: Lotus and Skewered Lamb            228(4)
        Viper's Valley: A Legend which Came        232(5)
        True? The James Halifax Story
        Casino: Wheel and a Rippling Jaw           237(3)
        Focus on the Amphitheatres of Leptis       240(4)
        and Sabratha: The Whereabouts of the
        Beast-Pens and the Gladiator Prison
        Tripoli: Old and New under a Blue Sky      244(3)
        London: Merrie Dandies and a Blind Piper   247(4)
        Palestine: The Arab Case in Britain        251(5)
        London: Traditional, Modern,               256(5)
        Underground, Pop, the Cultural Scene
        Libyan-British Relations                   261(7)
        Provincial France: Grey Blinds, Baroque    268(5)
        Statues, Frenchness
        Libyans Show Solidarity with the           273(2)
        Revolutionary Command Council
        Old Regimes                                275(4)
        Libya's Young Puritans                     279(4)
        Libya under its Colonel from the Desert    283(4)
        Dates of Articles                          287(2)
Notes and References to Sources                    289(6)
Bibliography                                       295