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Narrow Road to the Deep North -- Hardback
作者: Flanagan, Richard
In the despair of a Japanese POW camp on the Burma Death Railway, surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted b....
Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda
He was the Western convert who would plunge deep inside al-Qaeda. He named his first son Osama after....
Smaller, Faster, Lighter, Denser and Cheaper
作者: Bryce, Robert
In the face of today’s environmental and economic challenges, doomsayers preach that the only way to....
Tall Tales Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Trees Trail Guide
作者: Shee Zhi Qiang/Ang Xin Qi/Lahiru Wijedasa/Nigel Taylor
If trees could speak, what stories would they tell? For the first time ever the Singapore Botanic Ga....
How Harry Riddles Made a Mega-amazing Zombie Movie (Shoutykid)
作者: Mayle, Simon
Hi there, My name is Harry Riddles and I am ten years old which my mum says is too young to have pro....

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