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Teach Yourself Visually the New iPad (Teach Yourself Visually): Watson, Lonzell: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Teach Yourself Visually the New iPad (Teach Yourself Visually)
Teach Yourself Visually the New iPad (Teach Yourself Visually)
作者: Watson, Lonzell
出版社 : Visual
出版日期 : 2012/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781118252932

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语言 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A91420000
Place of Publication: United States
Continuations: Monograph Series,any number
Subject Development: Techniques
Textual Format: Pictorial Treatment
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Baker & Taylor Best-seller Computer Titles - January 2002 - Ongoing
Baker & Taylor Newly Released Computer Titles - January 2002 - Ongoing
Baker & Taylor Best-seller And Forthcoming Computer Titles - January 2000 - Ongoing
Phoenix Public Library Holdings (Internal Code for CLS)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Get to Know the iPad
  Take a Look at the iPad                          4  (2)
  Discover iPad Features                           6  (8)
  Set Up a New iPad                                14 (6)
  Start Up and Log In                              20 (2)
  Explore the iPad Home Screen                     22 (2)
  Explore Important iPad Settings                  24 (4)
Chapter 2 Configure the iPad
  Set Up iCloud                                    28 (2)
  Customize the Home Screen                        30 (2)
  Reset the Default Home Screen Layout             32 (2)
  Protect Your iPad with a Passcode                34 (2)
  Configure the iPad Sleep Setting                 36 (2)
  Turn Sounds On and Off                           38 (1)
  Set the Silent/Screen Rotation Lock Switch       39 (1)
  Adjust the Brightness of the Screen              40 (1)
  Switch to Airplane Mode                          41 (1)
  Change the iPad Wallpaper                        42 (2)
  Configure Parental Controls                      44 (2)
  Reset the iPad                                   46 (2)
  Set Your Notification Center                     48 (2)
  Cut, Copy, and Paste Text                        50 (2)
  Copy and Paste a Photo                           52 (2)
  Search Your iPad by Using Spotlight              54 (4)
Chapter 3 Browse the Internet
  Understand Internet Access                       58 (2)
  Connect to a Wi-Fi Network                       60 (2)
  Activate Your 4G Service                         62 (2)
  Change the Default Search Engine                 64 (2)
  Explore Browser Security and Privacy Options     66 (2)
  Manage Multiple Web Pages                        68 (2)
  Read Clutter-Free Web Pages                      70 (2)
  Add an Article to Your Reading List              72 (2)
  Bookmark Your Favorite Websites                  74 (2)
  Explore Touch-Screen Navigation Tips             76 (2)
  Turn On AutoFill                                 78 (2)
  View an RSS Feed in Safari                       80 (2)
  Connect a Bluetooth Device with the iPad         82 (4)
Chapter 4 Tweet, Text Message, and Email
  Tweet with Attachments                           86 (2)
  Send iMessages with Messages                     88 (2)
  Learn about Managing Email Accounts              90 (2)
  Add an Email Account for the First Time          92 (2)
  Create a New Email Account                       94 (2)
  Specify the Default Email Account                96 (2)
  Switch to Another Email Account                  98 (2)
  Disable an Email Account                         100(2)
  Use a Different Server Port                      102(2)
  Configure Authentication for Outgoing Mail       104(2)
  Automatically Check for New Emails               106(2)
  Use Dictation to Write Email Messages            108(2)
  Bold, Italicize, and Underline Text              110(2)
  Use Quote Levels in Mail                         112(1)
  Mark and Flag Messages                           113(1)
  Add Mailbox Folders                              114(2)
  Email a Link to a Web Page                       116(2)
  Set Message Font Size                            118(2)
  Create a Custom iPad Signature                   120(2)
  Disable Remote Message Images                    122(4)
Chapter 5 Sync the iPad
  Connect Your iPad to a Computer                  126(2)
  Sync Your iPad over a Wi-Fi Connection           128(2)
  Set Up a New Wad with iTunes                     130(2)
  Sync Your Contacts List                          132(2)
  Sync Your Calendar                               134(2)
  Sync Your Email Account                          136(2)
  Sync Your Bookmarks                              138(2)
  Sync Music, Music Videos, and Movies             140(2)
  Sync Podcasts                                    142(2)
  Sync Books and Audiobooks                        144(2)
  Sync TV Show Episodes                            146(2)
  Sync Photos on Your Computer with Your iPad      148(2)
  Save Photos from Emails                          150(2)
  Import Photos from Your Camera                   152(4)
Chapter 6 Explore iTunes, Photos, and Videos
  Discover What You Can Do with iTunes             156(1)
  Set Up an iTunes Account                         157(1)
  Buy and Download in iTunes                       158(2)
  Subscribe to Podcasts                            160(2)
  Rate Content in the iTunes Store                 162(2)
  Configure iPad Audio Settings                    164(2)
  Browse and Play Content in the Music App         166(2)
  Enable Genius Playlists                          168(2)
  Create a Genius Playlist                         170(1)
  Configure Shuffle Settings                       171(1)
  Create a Standard Playlist in the Music App      172(2)
  Play Videos, Movies, and TV Shows                174(2)
  Customize Video Settings                         176(2)
  Capture Photos with Your iPad                    178(2)
  Shoot Video with Your iPad                       180(2)
  Get Some FaceTime                                182(2)
  View Photos on Your iPad                         184(2)
  Rotate Photos                                    186(1)
  Enhance Photos                                   187(1)
  Reduce Red-Eye                                   188(1)
  Crop Photos                                      189(1)
  Create Albums                                    190(2)
  Send a Photo or Video by Email                   192(2)
  Create a Custom Slideshow                        194(4)
Chapter 7 Enjoy YouTube, iBooks, and Newsstand
  Explore YouTube                                  198(2)
  Locate Videos on YouTube                         200(2)
  Save a Video as a Favorite                       202(2)
  Email a Link to a Video                          204(2)
  Understand iBooks Features                       206(2)
  Purchase and Download E-Books                    208(2)
  Understand iBooks Navigation Controls            210(2)
  Stock Your Newsstand                             212(4)
Chapter 8 Organize Your Life with the iPad
  Create a To-Do List with Reminders               216(2)
  Create a New Contact                             218(2)
  Edit an Existing Contact                         220(2)
  Assign an Email Address to a Contact             222(2)
  Assign a Web Address to a Contact                224(2)
  Assign a Physical Address to a Contact           226(2)
  Create a Custom Label for a Contact              228(2)
  Add Extra Fields for a Contact                   230(2)
  Add Notes to a Contact                           232(2)
  Add Photos to Contacts                           234(2)
  Create Contact Groups                            236(2)
  Add Appointments to Your Calendar                238(2)
  Edit an Existing Appointment                     240(2)
  Set Up a Repeating Event                         242(2)
  Convert an Event to an ALL-Day Event             244(2)
  Set an Alert for an Event                        246(4)
Chapter 9 Simplify Your Life with the iPad
  Explore Accessibility Options for the            250(2)
  Visually and Hearing Impaired
  Display Your Current Location by Using Maps      252(1)
  Get Directions by Using Maps                     253(1)
  Specify a Location When You Do Not Have an       254(2)
  Display a Contact's Location                     256(2)
  Bookmark a Location                              258(2)
  Explore iWork                                    260(4)
Chapter 10 Enhance Your iPad
  Explore the App Store                            264(2)
  Download Free Apps                               266(2)
  Purchase and Download Apps                       268(2)
  Move Apps from Your Computer to Your iPad        270(2)
  Check for Updates to Apps                        272(2)
  Accessorize Your iPad                            274(4)
Chapter 11 Maintain and Troubleshoot the iPad
  Update iPad Software                             278(2)
  Back Up and Restore Your iPad Using iCloud       280(2)
  Restore Your iPad's Data and Settings Using      282(2)
  Learn to Extend Battery Life                     284(2)
  Troubleshoot Connected Devices                   286(2)
  Troubleshoot the Inability to Charge the iPad    288(2)
  Troubleshoot Problems with Wi-Fi Accessibility   290(2)
  Troubleshoot Why iTunes May Not See Your iPad    292(2)
  Troubleshoot the Inability to Sync with iTunes   294(2)
Index                                              296

This is a new edition of a bestseller, fully updated on the latest features of the iPad! The evolution of the iPad continues to deliver amazing possibilities, which is exactly why this bestselling guide evolves right along with it! Fully updated with coverage on the latest generation of the iPad, this full-color, step-by-step guide is perfectly suited for anyone who is a visual learner and learns best by visual cues and a tactile interface. You'll learn to access and download books, apps, music, and video content as well as send photos and emails, sync with other devices and services, and confidently use the multi-touch display. This title: highlights how to connect to multimedia content, social networking, and the Internet; shows you how to upload more than half a million apps, including award-winning games and helpful productivity tools; helps you take advantage of the potential of the iPad with the featured visual tips and guidance. If you've got the latest iPad, then you certainly need the latest version of "Teach Yourself Visually iPad 2" to go with it.