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What to Expect the First Year (2 Reissue): Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg/ Eisenberg, Arlene/ Hathaway, Sandee: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
What to Expect the First Year (2 Reissue)
What to Expect the First Year (2 Reissue)
出版社 : Workman Pub Co
出版日期 : 2008/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780761152125

BookWeb售价 : S$ 27.95
纪伊国屋KPC会员价 : S$ 22.36

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语言 : English
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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A97242400
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Baker & Taylor Book Watch Fall 2010
Table of Contents
Foreword: A Parenting Book That Stands Alone       xxiii
          Mark D. Widome
Introduction: A Second Baby Is Born                xxv
    Get Ready, Get Set                             2    (39)
      Feeding Your Baby: Breast or Formula, or     2    (9)
        Facts Favoring Breastfeeding
        Breastfeeding Myths
        Facts Favoring Formula Feeding
        Factoring in Feelings
        When You Can't or Shouldn't Breastfeed
        Adoption and Breastfeeding
      What You May Be Concerned About              11   (18)
        Coping with Motherhood
        Mother Care
        A Changing Lifestyle
        This Book's for You, Too
        Whether or Not to Go Back to Work
        Leave: It's Not Just for Mothers Anymore
        A Lack of Grandparents
        A Baby Nurse or Doula
        Other Sources of Help
        Which Diapers to Use
        Quitting Smoking
        A Name for Baby
        Preparing the Family Pet
        Preparing Your Breasts for Breastfeeding
        Don't Express Yourself---Yet
      What It's Important to Know: Lecting The     29   (12)
      Right Physician
        Pediatrician or Family Practitioner?
        Health Insurance for a Healthy family
        What Kind of Practice Is Perfect?
        Finding Dr. Right
        Making Sure Dr. Right Is Right for You
        When the Choice Isn't Yours
        The Prenatal Interview
        Your Partnership with Dr. Right
    Buying for Baby                                41   (25)
        Register for Your Baby Needs
        Baby's Wardrobe
        Baby's Linens
        Baby's Grooming Needs
        Don't Go Nuts
        Baby's Medicine Cabinet
        Baby Feeding Supplies
      Nursery Necessities and Niceties             49   (5)
        Calling All Recalls
      Equipment for Outings                        54   (8)
        What's in a Buckle?
        Rear-Facing Infant Seat
        The LATCH System
        Convertible Seat/Forward-Facing Seat
      When Baby Gets Older                         62   (4)
        Buying for Baby's Future
    Breastfeeding Basics                           66   (33)
      Getting Started Breastfeeding                66   (3)
        Getting Help
      Breastfeeding 101                            69   (8)
        How Lactation Works
        Beginning to Breastfeed
        Breastfeeding Positions
        A Proper Latch
        Sucking Versus Suckling
        How Long to Feed
        What Type of Nurser Is Your Baby?
        How Often to Feed
      What You May Be Concerned About              77   (16)
        Engorged Breasts
        Overabundant Milk
        Leaking and Spraying
        Cluster Feedings
        Sore Nipples
        Bumps on the Road to Success?
        Time Spent Breastfeeding
        Nursing Fashions
        Nursing in Public
        Lump in Breast
        Breastfeeding During Illness
        Breastfeeding While Menstruating
        Birth Control and the Breastfeeding
        Exercise and Nursing
        Combining Breast and Bottle
        Nipple Confusion Got You Confused?
      What It's Important to Know: Keeping Your    93   (6)
      Milk Healthy and Safe
        What You Eat
        Can Foods Make Milk?
        What You Drink
        What Medication You Take
        What You Should Avoid
        No Peanuts While Feeding Your Little
    Your Newborn Baby                              99   (53)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  99   (1)
      What You Can Expect at Hospital Checkups     100  (6)
        Testing Your Baby
        Newborn Hearing Screening
        Portrait of a Newborn
        Apgar Test
        Apgar Table
        Your Newborn's Reflexes
        Hospital Procedures for Babies Born at
      Feeding Your Baby: Getting Started           106  (7)
      Formula Feeding
        Selecting a Formula
        Need Help at the Breast?
        DHA: The Smart Choice in Baby Formulas?
        How Much Formula Is Like a Feast?
        Safe Bottle Feeding
        Bottle Feeding with Love
        From Bottle with Love
        Bottle Feeding with Ease
      What You May Be Concerned About              113  (20)
        For Fathers Only: Becoming Engrossed
        Weight Loss
        Baby's Looks
        Eye Color
        Bloodshot Eyes
        Eye Ointment
        Have You Heard the One. . .
        Pain Medication
        Baby's Sleepiness
        A Newborn State of Mind
        Empty Breasts
        Gagging and Choking
        Sleeping Through Meals
        Cracking the Crying Code
        Nonstop Feeding
        Tips for Successful Feeding Sessions
        Quivering Chin
        Complexion Problems
        Mouth Cysts or Spots
        Early Teeth
        Don't Forget to Cover Your Baby
        Think You Can't Afford to Cover Your
        Newborn Security
        The Scoop on Newborn Poop
        Stool Color
        Going Home
        Pacifier Use
      What It's Important to Know: The Baby        133  (19)
      Care Primer
        Bathing Baby
        Shampooing Baby
        Safe Seating
        Safety from All Sides?
        Burping Baby
        Diapering Baby
        Dressing Baby
        Ear Care
        Lifting and Carrying Baby
        Nail Trimming
        Nose Care
        Outings with Baby
        Penis Care
        Baby Business
        Sleeping Position
        Swaddling Baby
        Umbilical Stump Care
    The First Month                                152  (60)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  152  (3)
        What Your Baby May Be Doing This Month
        What You Can Expect at This Month's
      Feeding Your Baby This Month: Expressing     155  (7)
      Breast Milk
        Why Mothers Express Milk
        Choosing a Pump
        All About Pumps
        Fascinating Facts
        Pumping Practice Makes Perfect
        Preparing to Pump
        (Tell) Tales from the Other Side
        How to Express Breast Milk
        Where Does the Milk Go?
        Quick Tip
        Storing Breast Milk
      What You May Be Concerned About              162  (46)
        ``Breaking'' Baby
        The Fontanels
        Skinny Baby
        Having Enough Breast Milk
        Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk
        Nursing Blisters
        Feeding Schedule
        Double the Trouble, Double the Fun
        Changing Your Mind About Breastfeeding
        Too Much Formula
        Timing Is Everything
        Supplementary Water
        Vitamin Supplements
        Supplement Sense
        Spitting Up
        Quick Tip
        Blood in Spit-up
        Milk Allergy
        Milk Allergy in Breastfed Babies
        Bowel Movements
        Explosive Bowel Movements
        Passing Gas
        Sleeping Positions
        Sleeping Patterns
        Restless Sleep
        Mixing Up of Night and Day
        Noise when Baby Is Sleeping
        Baby's Breathing
        Better Sleep for Baby
        Moving a Sleeping Baby to Bed
        Surviving Colic
        Prescription for Colic
        Spoiling Baby
        Coping with Crying
        Healing of the Umbilical Cord
        Umbilical Hernia
        Circumcision Care
        Swollen Scrotum
        Keeping Baby the Right Temperature
        Taking Baby Out
        Exposure to Outsiders
        Infant Acne
        Skin Color Changes
        Loud Music
        Keeping Baby Safe
        Photo Flashes
        Crossed Eyes
        Teary Eyes
        First Smiles
        Using Detergent on Baby's Clothes
      What It's Important to Know: Babies          208  (4)
      Develop Differently
        Today's Slower Babies
        What Month Is It, Anyway?
    The Second Month                               212  (37)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  212  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          213  (2)
        Making the Most of Those Monthly
      Feeding Your Baby: Introducing...the         215  (3)
        Supplementation Myths
        What's in the Bottle?
        Winning Baby Over
        Mix It Up
        Making the Introduction
        Supplementing when Baby Isn't Thriving
      What You May Be Concerned About              218  (24)
        Look Who's Talking
        How Do You Talk to a Baby?
        Baby Talk
        A Second Language
        Understanding Your Baby
        Making the Most of the First Three Years
        Comparing Babies
        Immunization Myths
        The ABCs of DTaPs...and MMRs...and
        Recommended Immunization Schedule
        When to Call the Doctor After an
        Cradle Cap
        Crooked Feet
        Undescended Testicles
        Penile Adhesion
        Inguinal Hernia
        Inverted Nipples
        Favoring One Breast
        Using a Baby Carrier or Sling
        The Challenging Baby
        Do You Have a Challenging Baby?
        Baby Won't Sleep on Back
      What It's Important to Know: Stimulating     242  (7)
      Your Baby in The Early Months
        Creating a Good Environment
        Practical Tips for Learning and Playing
        Location, Location, Location
    The Third Month                                249  (40)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  249  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          250  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Breastfeeding and         250  (5)
        Breastfeeding and Working---Making Them
        Work for You
        Corporate Lactation Programs
      What You May Be Concerned About              255  (20)
        Establishing a Regular Schedule
        Putting Baby to Bed
        Dueling Parenting Philosophies
        Waking Up for Nighttime Feedings
        Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
        What Is SIDS?
        Preventing SIDS
        Reporting Breathing Emergencies to Your
        Sharing a Room with Baby
        Sharing a Bed
        Still Using a Pacifier
        Early Weaning
        Supplementing with Cow's Milk
        The Longer the Better
        Fewer Bowel Movements
        Diaper Rash
        Penis Sore
        Spastic Movements
        Never Shake a Baby
        Being Tied Down Breastfeeding
        Leaving Baby with a Sitter
      What It's Important to Know: The Right       275  (14)
      Child Care For Baby
        In-home Care
        Baby-Sitter Checklist
        Nanny in the Know
        Is He Manny Enough for the Job?
        The Business of Hiring a Nanny
        Keeping an Eye on the Sitter
        Group Day Care
        Your Child as a Barometer of Child Care
        Home Day Care
        Corporate Day Care
        Safe Sleeping
        Babies on the Job
        When Your Child Is Sick
    The Fourth Month                               289  (21)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  289  (2)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          291  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Thinking About Solids     292  (1)
      What You May Be Concerned About              293  (14)
        Rejection of the Breast
        Wriggling at Changing Time
        Propping Baby
        Baby's Standing
        Baby Fussing in Infant Seat
        Baby Unhappy in Car Seat
        Thumb Sucking
        Chubby Baby
        Hold the Juice
        Thin Baby
        How Does Your Baby Grow?
        Heart Murmur
        Black Stool
        Baby Massage
      What It's Important to Know: Playthings      307  (3)
      For Baby
        Suitable for Cuddling
    The Fifth Month                                310  (35)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  310  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          311  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Starting Solids           312  (7)
        Good Early Foods to Offer Baby
        Opening Night---and Beyond
        Foods to Premiere With
        Not This Year, Baby
        Expanding Baby's Repertoire
        First-Year Diet for Beginners
        Who's Counting?
        The Baby Daily Dozen
        No Honey for Your Little Honey
        Double-Duty Jars
      What You May Be Concerned About              319  (16)
        Teething Chart
        Chronic Cough
        Ear Pulling
        Using a Back Carrier
        Gratuitous Advice
        Starting the Cup
        Sippy Safety
        Feeding Baby Safely
        Food Allergies
        Feeding Chairs
        Feeding Chair Safety Tips
        Reducing Walker Risks
        Baby Swing
      What It's Important to Know:                 335  (10)
      Environmental Hazards and Your Baby
        Household Pest Control
        Unsuitable for Digging?
        Otherwise Contaminated Water
        Polluted Indoor Air
        Protecting Children
        A Safer Walk on the Wild Side
        Contaminants in Food
        Food Hazards in Perspective
        Out of the Mouths of Babes
        Organic Foods---Growing Availability
    The Sixth Month                                345  (40)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  345  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          346  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Commercial or             347  (3)
      Home-Prepared Baby Foods
        Commercial Baby Food
        Food for Thought
        Home-Prepared Baby Foods
        Attention Do-It-Yourselfers
      What You May Be Concerned About              350  (16)
        Still Not Sleeping Through the Night
        It's All in the Timing
        What Will the Neighbors Think?
        Sleep Sharing
        Early Rising
        Turning Over During the Night
        Bathing in the Big Tub
        Safe Big-Bath Bathing
        Bottle Rejection in a Breastfed Baby
        Changes in Bowel Movements
        Brushing Baby's Teeth
        Baby's First Toothbrush
        Baby-Bottle Mouth
        Weaning to Cow's Milk
        Salt Intake
        Cereal Snubbing
        Vegan Diet
        No Meat? No Problem
        Anemia Screenings
        Shoes for Baby
      What It's Important to Know: Stimulating     366  (4)
      Your Older Baby
        How Do You Speak to Your Baby Now?
    The Seventh Month
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  370  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          371  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Moving Up from            371  (1)
      Strained Foods
      What You May Be Concerned About              372  (11)
        Picking Up Baby
        Grandparents Spoiling Baby
        Baby's Acting Up with You
        Is My Baby Gifted?
        Not Sitting Yet
        Biting Nipples
        Dinner and a Baby
        Teeth Coming In Crooked
        Tooth Stains
      What It's Important to Know: Putting The     383  (2)
      Super In Baby
    The Eighth Month                               385  (31)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  385  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          386  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Finally---Finger Foods    387  (1)
      What You May Be Concerned About              388  (28)
        Baby's First Words
        Signing with Baby
        Baby's Not Crawling Yet
        Messy House
        Eating off the Floor
        Eating Dirt---and Worse
        Getting Dirty
        Discovering Genitals
        Play Yard/Playpen Use
        Reading to Baby
        Left- or Right-Handedness
        Crib Safety Now
        Childproofing Your Home
        What It's Important to Know: Making        402  (14)
        Home Safe For Baby
        Change Your Ways
        Change Your Baby's Surroundings
        Poison Control
        Safety Equipment
        Change Your Baby
        Red Light on Greenery
    The Ninth Month                                416  (19)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  416  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          417  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Establishing Good         418  (2)
      Habits Now
      What You May Be Concerned About              420  (12)
        Feeding Baby at the Table
        Loss of Interest in Nursing
        Got Milk? Not Yet
        Fussy Eating Habits
        Some Cereal with That Butternut Squash?
        Strange Stools
        Changes in Sleep Patterns
        Pulling Up
        Flat Feet
        Walking Too Early?
        Slow Development
        Fear of Strangers
        Security Objects
        No Teeth
        Still Hairless
      What It's Important to Know: Games Babies    432  (3)
    The Tenth Month                                435  (24)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  435  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          436  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: When to Wean              437  (2)
      What You May Be Concerned About              439  (12)
        Messy Eating Habits
        Head Banging, Rocking, and Rolling
        Hair Rolling and Pulling
        Teeth Grinding
        The Baby Social Scene
        Breath Holding
        Starting Classes
        Shoes for Walking
        Hair Care
      What It's Important to Know: The             451  (8)
      Beginning of Discipline
        To Spank or Not to Spank
    The Eleventh Month                             459  (12)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  459  (1)
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          460  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Weaning from the Bottle   460  (2)
      What You May Be Concerned About              462  (5)
        Bowed Legs
        Parental Nudity
        Not Pulling Up Yet
        Baby Tooth Injuries
        Cholesterol in Baby's Diet
        Growth Swings
      What It's Important to Know: Helping Baby    467  (4)
      to Talk
    The Twelfth Month                              471  (37)
      What Your Baby May Be Doing                  471  (2)
        You Know Your Baby Best
      What You Can Expect at This Month's          473  (1)
      Feeding Your Baby: Weaning from the Breast   474  (4)
        Weaning from the Breast
        Keeping Yourself Comfortable
        Milk Sense
      What You May Be Concerned About              478  (24)
        The First Birthday Party
        Not Yet Walking
        Handle with Care
        Increased Separation Anxiety
        Attachment to the Bottle
        Don't Have a Cow
        Putting the Weaned Baby to Bed
        Bedtime Separation Anxiety
        Social Skills
        ``Forgetting'' a Skill
        A Drop in Appetite
        Picky Eating
        Going Nuts?
        Increase in Appetite
        Refusing to Self-Feed
        Growing Independence
        Nonverbal Language
        Gender Differences
        The Toddler Years...Continued
        Switching to a Bed
        Using a Pillow
        Watching TV
        Software for Babies
      What It's Important to Know: Imulating       502  (6)
      Your One-year Old
        The Eyes Have It...Already
        Safety Reminder
    A Baby for All Seasons                         508  (24)
      What You May Be Concerned About in Summer    508  (9)
        Keeping Baby Cool
        A Summer Rash Heatstroke
        Too Much Sun
        What to Look For in Selecting a
        Insect Bites
        Summer Safety
        Water, Baby?
        Water Babies
        As the Food Turns
      What You May Be Concerned About in Winter    517  (5)
        Keeping Baby Warm
        Changeable Weather
        Snow Burn
        Keeping Baby Warm Indoors
        Dry Skin
        Fireplace Fires
        Holiday Hazards
        Safe Gift Giving
        Under Wraps
      What It's Important to Know: The Season      522  (10)
      for Travel
        Planning Ahead
        Just the Two of You?
        Packing Wisely
        Getting There Is Half the Fun?
        At High Altitudes
        At Hotels and Motels---or Other Homes
        Away from Home
        Having Fun
    When Baby Is Sick                              532  (40)
      Before Calling the Doctor                    532  (3)
        Parent's Intuition
      How Much Rest for a Sick Baby?               535  (1)
      Feeding a Sick Baby                          535  (1)
      When Medication Is Needed                    536  (4)
        What You Should Know About the
        Giving Medication Correctly Helping the
        Medicine Go Down
      The Most Common Infant Health Problems       540  (22)
        Having a Pet Is Nothing to Sneeze At
        Is It an Allergy--- Or Just Intolerance?
        Cold or Allergy?
        The Common Cold or Upper Respiratory
        Infection (URI)
        Taking the Bite Out of the Flu Bug
        Treating Baby's Symptoms
        The Hand-Washing Solution
        The Frequent Cold Program
        The Sudden Cough
        Complementary and Alternative Medicine
        Middle Ear Inflammation (Otitis Media)
        A Better Juice for Your Sick Baby?
        Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)
        Your Baby's Health History
        Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
        Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
      What It's Important to Know: All About       562  (10)
        Convulsions in a Feverish Baby
        Taking Baby's Temperature
        Fever Doesn't Tell the Whole Story
        Evaluating a Fever
        Before That First Fever
        Handling Febrile Convulsions
        Treating a Fever
        Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen?
    First Aid Do's and Don'ts                      572  (28)
        Abdominal Injuries
        Bleeding, Internal
        Broken Bones or Fractures
        Bruises, Skin
        Burns and Scalds
        Be Prepared
        Chemical Burns
        Dog Bites
        Drowning (Submersion Injury)
        Ear Injuries
        Electric Shock
        Eye Injury
        Fainting/Loss of Consciousness
        Finger and Toe Injuries
        Treating a Young Patient
        Frostbite and Hypothermia
        Head Injuries
        Heat Injuries
        Insect Stings or Bites
        Lip, Split or Cut
        Mouth Injuries
        Nose Injuries
        Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac
        Puncture Wounds
        Severed Limb or Digit
        Skin Wounds
        Bandaging a Boo-Boo
        Splinters or Slivers Sunburn
        Swallowed Foreign Objects
        Teeth, Injury to
        Toe Injuries
        Tongue, Injury to
      Resuscitation Techniques for Babies and      589  (11)
        When Baby Is Choking
        The Unsuspected Inhaled Object
        Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):
        Rescue Breathing and Chest Compression
        Rescue Breathing (Mouth-to-Mouth
        Chest Compressions (CPR): Babies Under
        One Year
        Chest Compressions (CPR): Babies Over
        One Year
    The Low-Birthweight Baby                       600  (25)
      Feeding Your Baby: Nutrition for the         601  (5)
      Preterm or Low-Birthweight Infant
        Early Weight Loss
        Expressing Milk for a Premature Baby
        Feeding at Home
      What You May Be Concerned About              606  (15)
        Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
        Portrait of a Preemie
        Getting Optimum Care
        Lack of Bonding
        Lights Out?
        Long Hospitalization
        Intrauterine Growth Restriction
        Handling Baby
        Taking Baby Home
        Permanent Problems
        Catching Up
        Car Seats
        Preemie Vaccines
        Home-Care Tips for Preterm Babies
      What It's Important to Know: Health          621  (4)
      Problems Common in Low-Birthweight Babies
    The Special Needs Baby                         625  (27)
      Feeding Your Baby: Can Diet Make a           626  (1)
      What You May Be Concerned About              626  (12)
        Feeling Responsible
        Feeling Angry
        When the Guilt Is Real
        Not Loving the Baby
        Working Out Your Feelings
        What to Tell Others
        Handling It All
        Be a Friend in Deed
        Getting the Right Diagnosis
        Just the Facts
        Where to Go For Help
        Whether or Not to Accept Treatment
        Getting the Best Care and Treatment
        Effect of Baby on Siblings
        Effects on Your Relationship
        A Repeat with the Next Baby
        A Different Birth Defect Next Time
      What It's Important to Know: The Most        638  (14)
      Common Birth Disorders
        Celiac Disease
        Cerebral Palsy
        Cleft Lip and/or Palate
        Clubfoot and Other Foot and Ankle
        Congenital Heart Defect
        Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
        Down Syndrome
        Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
        Pyloric Stenosis
        RH Disease
        When Diagnosis Makes All the Difference
        Sickle-Cell Anemia
        Spina Bifida (Open Spine)
        Tay-Sachs Disease
        How Defects Are Inherited
        Tracheoesophageal Fistula
    The Adopted Baby                               652  (12)
      What You May Be Concerned About              652  (12)
        Getting Ready
        Adoption Medicine
        Not Feeling Like a Parent
        Loving the Baby
        Baby's Crying a Lot
        The Waiting Period
        Postadoption Blues
        Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
        Grandparents' Attitudes
        Unknown Health Problems
        Dealing with Friends and Family
        Adoption Antibodies
        Telling Baby
        Support for the Adopting Family
        Adoption Benefits
    For Mom: Enjoying the First Year               664  (51)
      What You Should Be Eating: The Postpartum    665  (5)
        Nine Basic Diet Principles for New
        The Daily Dozen for Postpartum and
        The One-Two Punch
        If You're Not Breastfeeding
      What You May Be Concerned About              670  (40)
        Newly Delivered?
        Postpartum Depression
        Getting Help for Postpartum Depression
        Getting Everything Done
        Not Being in Control
        Not Feeling Competent
        When You're on Your Own
        Doing Things Right
        Aches and Pains
        Return of Menstruation
        Time to Stock Up on Tampons?
        Urinary Incontinence
        It's Kegel Time Again
        Regaining Your Figure
        Getting Back into Shape
        A Stroller Exercise
        Fitting Sex In
        Easing Back into Sex
        Slight Spotting Alert
        Stretched Vagina
        The State of Your Romance
        Thinking About the Next Baby
        Planning Ahead
        Birth Control
        Hormonal Contraceptive Warning Signs
        IUD Warning Signs
        Barrier Method Warning Signs
        The Basal Body Temperature
        Diagnosing a New Pregnancy
        Passing Germs On to Baby
        Finding Time for Yourself
        Finding Outside Interests
        Bring Baby Along
        Different Mothering Styles
        Jealousy of Daddy's Parenting Skills
        Jealousy of Daddy's Attention to Baby
        Quality Time
        Leaving Baby with a Sitter
      What It's Important to Know: To Work or      710  (5)
      Not to Work
        Family-Friendly Work
        When to Return to Your Job
    Becoming a Father                              715  (11)
      What You May Be Concerned About              715  (11)
        Paternity Leave
        Don't Stop Here
        Spouse's Baby Blues
        Your Depression
        Mixed Feeling
        It Takes Three
        Jealousy of Mother's Attention to Baby
        Feeling Inadequate as a Father
        A Father's Touch
        Dads Matter
        Unfair Burden?
        A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime
        Not Enough Time to Spend with Baby
    From Only Child to Older Child                 726  (58)
      What You May Be Concerned About              726  (22)
        Preparing an Older Child
        Read All About It
        Siblings at the Birth
        Separation and Hospital Visits
        Easing the Homecoming
        Explaining Genital Differences
        Nursing in Front of an Older Child
        The Older Child Who Wants to Nurse
        Helping Sibling Live with Colic
        Regressive Behavior
        The Older Sibling Hurting the New Baby
        Seeing Green?
        Dividing Time and Attention
        Widely Spaced Sibs
        Sibling Attachment
        Escalating Warfare
      Baby's First Recipes                         748  (1)
      Four to Eight Months                         748  (1)
        Steamed Any-Kind-of-Vegetable
        Stewed Any-Kind-of-Fruit
      Six to Twelve Months                         749  (1)
        Lentil Stew
        Baby's First Casserole
      Eight to Twelve Months                       750  (6)
        Tomato and Cheese Pasta
        Baby's First Thanksgiving Turkey
        Eggy Bread
        Croque Bebe
        Banana French Toast
        Funny Fingers
        Fruit Sundae
        Apple-Cranberry Cubes
        Banana-Orange Gel
        Peachy Frozen Yogurt
        Fabulous Finger Foods
        Quick Mealtime Ideas
        First Birthday Cake
        Cream Cheese Frosting
      Common Home Remedies                         756  (3)
        Cold Compresses
        Cold Soaks
        Cool Compresses
        Eye Soaks
        Heating Pad
        Hot Compresses
        Hot Soaks
        Hot-Water Bottle
        Dosage Chart for Common Infant-Fever
        Ice Pack
        Increased Fluids
        Nasal Aspiration
        Saltwater Irrigation
        Warm Compresses
      Common Childhood Infections                  759  (25)
        Chart of Illnesses
        Height and Weight Charts
Index                                              784
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