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Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Evans, Jules: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations
Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations
著者名 Evans, Jules
出版社 : Rider & Co
出版年月 : 2012/05
ISBN : 9781846043208

BookWeb価格 : MYR 62.90
会員価格 : MYR 56.61

在庫情報 : 在庫がありません。

Table of Contents
Preface: Welcome to the School of Athens           ix
    1 Morning roll call: Socrates and the art      1  (24)
    of street philosophy
    2 Epictetus and the art of maintaining         25 (14)
    3 Musonius Rufus and the art of fieldwork      39 (19)
    4 Seneca and the art of managing               58 (21)
    5 Lunchtime lesson: Epicurus and the art of    79 (24)
    savouring the moment
    6 Heraclitus and the art of cosmic             103(17)
    7 Pythagoras and the art of memorisation       120(15)
    and incantation
    8 Sceptics and the art of cultivating doubt    135(20)
    9 Diogenes and the art of anarchy              155(21)
    10 Plato and the art of justice                176(18)
    11 Plutarch and the art of heroism             194(15)
    12 Aristotle and the art of flourishing        209(38)
      Graduation: Socrates and the art of          231(16)
      Appendix One Is Socrates over-optimistic     247(4)
      about human reason?
      Appendix Two The Socratic tradition and      251(5)
      non-Western philosophical traditions
      Appendix Three Socrates and Dionysus         256(4)
Notes                                              260(14)
Further reading                                    274(11)
Acknowledgements                                   285(2)
Index                                              287

In his engaging book, Jules Evans explains how ancient philosophy saved his life, and how we can all use it to become happier, wiser and more resilient. Jules imagines a dream school, which includes 12 of the greatest and most colourful thinkers the world has ever known. Each of these ancient philosophers teaches a technique we can use to transform our selves and live better lives. These practical techniques are illustrated by the extraordinary stories of real people who are using them today - from marines to magicians, from astronauts to anarchists and from CBT psychologists to soldiers. Jules also explores how ancient philosophy is inspiring modern communities - Socratic cafes, Stoic armies, Platonic sects, Sceptic summer camps - and even whole nations in their quest for the good life.BG BH BI BJ BL BM BN BO BR BS BT BV BW BY BZ CC CD CF CG CH CI CK CL CM CN CO CR CU CV CX CY CZ DE DJ DK DM DO DZ EC EE EG EH ER ES ET FI FJ FK FM FO FR GA GD GE GF GG GH GI GL GM GN GP GQ GR GS GT GU GW GY HK HM HN HR HT HU ID IL IM IN IO IQ IR IS IT JE JM JO JP KE KG KH KI KM KN KP KR KW KY KZ LA LB LC LI LK LR LS LT LU LV LY MA MC MD ME MF MG MH MK ML MM MN MO MP MQ MR MS MT MU MV MW MX MY MZ NA NC NE NF NG NI NL NO NP NR NU OM PA PE PF PG PK PL PN PS PT PW PY QA RE RO RS RU RW SA SB SC SD SE SG SH SI SJ SK SL SM SN SO SR ST SV SY SZ TC TD TF TG TH TJ TK TL TM TN TO TR TT TV TW TZ UA UG UY UZ VA VC VE VG VN VU WF WS YE YT ZM ZWTransparency?; Some Words on Words; Layer Styles: Bevels, Shadows, Glows, and More!; A Sense of History; Filters; Color Correction: How to Get It Right; Repairing Damaged Photos; Creating Backgrounds for Video; Automation; The Road to the NLE(Sutherland Hussey); Thermae Bath Spa, Bath (Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners); Civil Justice Centre, Manchester (Denton Corker Marshall); Sean O'Casey Community Centre, Dublin (O'Donnell + Tuomey) Schools. Bellingham Gateway Building, Lewisham, London (Cottrell & Vermeulen); Maryland Early Years Centre, Stratford, London (Fluid); Emmaus School, Wybourn, Sheffield (DSDHA); Bedford School Music School, Bedford (Eric Parry Architects); Sanger Building, Bryanston School, Dorset (Hopkins Architects); Scitec, Oundle School, Northamptonshire (Feilden Clegg Bradley) Education. Ann's Court, Selwyn College, Cambridge (Porphyrios Associates); Wolfson Building, Trinity College, Cambridge (5th Studio); Information Commons, University of Sheffield (RMJM) Health. St Johns Therapy Centre, Wandsworth, London (Buschow Henley Architects) Residential. Christchurch Tower, City of London (Boyarski Murphy); Halligan House, St Albans (Simon Conder Architects); Herringbone Houses, Wandsworth, London (Alison Brooks Architects); GreenHouse, BRE, Watford (Gaunt Francis Architects); Focus House, Finsbury Park, London (Bere Architects); 80% House, De beauvoir Town, London (Prewett Bizley Architects) Housing. Clay Field Housing, Elmswell, Suffolk (Riches Hawley Mikhail); Chance Street Housing, Bethnal Green, London (Stephen Taylor Architects); Islington Square Housing, Manchester (FAT); EMV Social Housing, Vallecas, Madrid (Feilden Clegg Bradley) Offices. Johnson Building, Clerkenwell, London (Allford Hall Monaghan Morris); One Coleman Street, City of London (David Walker Architects in association with Swanke Hayden Connell); Vernon Street Offices, Kensington, London (Terry Pawson Architects) Transport. Southern Cross Station, Melbourne (Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners) Project Credits