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The Magic of Self-Respect : Awakening to Your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) (HAR/DVD): Osho International Foundation (COR): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
The Magic of Self-Respect : Awakening to Your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) (HAR/DVD)
The Magic of Self-Respect : Awakening to Your Own Awareness (Authentic Living) (HAR/DVD)
出版社 : Osho Intl
出版年月 : 2010/12
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780984444403

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会員価格 : MYR 74.66

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言語 : English
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Table of Contents
About the Authentic Living Series                  7  (1)
Introduction                                       8  (2)
    Chapter 1 Innocence is power                   10 (15)
    Chapter 2 Jesus, the only forgotten son of     25 (16)
    Chapter 3 One God, one messenger, one book     41 (13)
    - one big lie
    Chapter 4 Religiousness is rebellion           54 (15)
    Chapter 5 Enlightened organization is          69 (12)
    organic harmony
    Chapter 6 Personality - the carbon cop-out     81 (14)
    Chapter 7 The distillation of rebellious       95 (16)
    Chapter 8 Conscience - a coffin for            111(15)
    Chapter 9 Imitation is your cremation          126(15)
    Chapter 10 Jesus - the only savior who         141(17)
    nearly saved himself
    Chapter 11 Watchfulness, awareness,            158(18)
    alertness - the real trinity
    Chapter 12 Awareness has its own rewards       176(15)
    Chapter 13 Science plus religiousness - the    191(14)
    dynamic formula for the future
    Chapter 14 Positive thinking - philosophy      205(18)
    for phonies
    Chapter 15 The magic of self respect           223

So much of the experience of everyday life is shaped by religious and social conditioning. We are constantly pulled away from the unique nature that is our birthright and into a false self called the "ego," which eventually gains control of our ideas, our relationships, and the very experience of who we are. At the same time, the collection of egos known as "society" shapes our political, educational, and religious institutions, forcing the same old patterns onto new generations. In this book, Osho shows how to discard these old patterns in favor of a new and nurturing trinity of watchfulness, awareness, and alertness.