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Julian Assange: the Unauthorised Autobiography -- Paperback: Assange, Julian: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
Julian Assange: the Unauthorised Autobiography -- Paperback
Julian Assange: the Unauthorised Autobiography -- Paperback
著者名 Assange, Julian
出版社 : Canongate Books Ltd
出版年月 : 2011/09
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780857863850

BookWeb価格 : MYR 148.03
会員価格 : MYR 133.23

在庫情報 : 在庫がありません。

Table of Contents
A Note from the Publisher                          7  (8)
The Unauthorised Autobiography
          Julian Assange
    1 Solitary                                     15 (15)
    2 Magnetic Island                              30 (15)
    3 Flight                                       45 (14)
    4 My First Computer                            59 (15)
    5 Cypherpunk                                   74 (18)
    6 The Accused                                  92 (14)
    7 The Mathematical Road to the Future          106(23)
    8 The Birth of WikiLeaks                       129(18)
    9 The World That Came in From the Cold         147(21)
    10 Iceland                                     168(17)
    11 Collateral Murder                           185(14)
    12 All the Editor's Men                        199(18)
    13 Blood                                       217(25)
    14 Cablegate                                   242(13)
Afterword                                          255(8)
Appendix: The Leaks                                263

In December 2010, Julian Assange signed a contract with Canongate Books to write a book - part memoir, part manifesto - for publication the following year. At the time, Julian said: 'I hope this book will become one of the unifying documents of our generation. In this highly personal work, I explain our global struggle to force a new relationship between the people and their governments.' In the end, the work was to prove too personal. Despite sitting for more than fifty hours of taped interviews discussing his life and the work of WikiLeaks with the writer he had enlisted to help him, Julian became increasingly troubled by the thought of publishing an autobiography. After reading the first draft of the book at the end of March, Julian declared: 'All memoir is prostitution.' In June 2011, with thirty-eight publishing houses around the world committed to releasing the book, Julian told us he wanted to cancel his contract. We disagree with Julian's assessment of the book. We believe it explains both the man and his work, underlining his commitment to the truth.Julian always claimed the book was well written; we agree, and this also encouraged us to make the book available to readers. And the contract? By the time Julian wanted to cancel the deal he had already used the advance money to settle his legal bills. So the contract still stands. We have decided to honour it - and to publish. This book is the unauthorised first draft. It is passionate, provocative and opinionated - like its author. It fulfils the promise of the original proposal and we are proud to publish it. Canongate Books, September 2011.