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    fiction Em And The Big Room
    Jerry Pinto

    First published by a small press in India, Jerry Pinto’s debut novel explores the impact of mental health on a family. Told from the perspective of a boy, Em and the Big Hoom gives you a child’s eye view of madness and sorrow, love and pain, and wild comedy. Em, or Imelda, is the mother plagued with a disease that created a paradoxical closeness to and distance from her husband (Augustine, or ‘The Big Hoom’), daughter (Susan) and son (the unnamed narrator). The son relates the emotional roller-coaster of life with a mother that everyone knew was ‘mad’, but whom they all love and supported even through dark moments. Brilliantly comic and almost unbearably moving, this accomplished debut is graceful and urgent, written with a one-of-a-kind voice that will stay with readers long after the last page.

    fiction Ajax Penumbra 1969
    Robin Sloan
    Ajax Penumbra : 1969 -- Hardback

    In the Robin Sloan’s bestselling debut, Clay Jannon discovered a tiny, tall bookstore, and met its eccentric owner, Ajax Penumbra – encounters that catapulted him into a life-changing ancient mystery. This prequel goes back to 1969, showing us a young Ajax Penumbra at the brink of his own journey, as he searches for the single surviving copy of a mysterious book that had been said to both bring great fortune and despair to its owners. It was during this search that he first steps into a strange 24-hour bookstore that may bring him closer to his goal. Once only available as an e-book, this slim volume is a treat for readers that have hungered for more of Penumbra’s store and its mysteries.

    fiction Landline
    Rainbow Rowell

    Landline (OME TPB)

    Georgie McCool is a TV writer on the verge of what is possibly a big break, and her marriage is in trouble. When her husband Neal and kids leave to visit Neal’s family for Christmas without her, Georgie discovers that she could talk to Neal on the phone... only she was talking to Neal from the past. Given the chance, would she be able to fix her marriage before it starts – or should she get married at all? Rainbow Rowell’s first novel for adults since Attachments in 2011 takes a look at love and marriage, and the differences between being in “forever in love” and actually making a relationship work. Like its predecessor, it’s funny and full of heart, with characters one can’t help but feel for.

    graphic anthology Liquid City Vol. 3
    Edited by Sonny Liew & Joyce SimIan Edginton & Francesco Trifolgi (Illust.)
    Liquid City 3 (Liquid City)

    Since the release of its first volume in 2008, the Liquid City anthologies have produced some of the most interesting comics for those looking for something different – or something local. Featuring works by Southeast Asian creators, this volume collects works or answers to the question, “If you knew the world was ending, what would be the story you would most want to tell?” From futuristic fantasies to more personal recollections, these stories display a wide range of art and storytelling, with something to appeal to every palate.

    current affairs Drinking Water: A History
    James Salzman
    Drinking Water : A History (Reprint)

    We need water. Without it, we will not survive. When our taps ran dry few months ago, the residents in the Klang Valley area suffered. Everyday, unclean water kills people, and is among the leading causes of death in humans today. In 'Drinking Water: A History', professor James Salzman who teaches law and environmental studies at Duke University, writes a fascinating account on the importance of water. This book provides us a broad introduction to various issues associated with drinking water, from its history and myth to its safety issues, social and political implications of the provision of clean water. This is a fascinating read about a subject that is rarely told or written and is a must-read as it is an essential source of our survival.

    business It's Not the How or the What but the Who: Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best
    Claudio Fernandez-Araoz
    It's Not the How or the What but the Who : Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best

    The very title “It’s Not the How or the What but the Who: Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best” is enough to convey the core message that differentiates between success and failure. To thrive, you need to identify the person with highest potential, get them in your group and train them. You can perform this by mastering the art of great “who” decisions. This book will provide outlines on the obstacles to achieving great “who” decisions in a series of short and engaging essays and offers solutions to overcome them in systematic way. Read to thrive!

    science How Not To Be Wrong
    Jordan Ellenberg
    How Not to Be Wrong : The Power of Mathematical Thinking

    For many of us, mathematics was a subject that only seemed relevant to our school days. Once we are in adulthood, the math we use may only be just addition and subtraction. When will we actually be using the derivatives or calculus we learn in school? For Jordan Ellenberg, he sees mathematics as a thinking tool or an extension of common sense. Math touches everything we do, allowing us to see the hidden structures beneath the messy and chaotic surface of our daily lives. Written with a little mathematics jargon, he shows how this powerful thinking tool helps us ‘Not to Be Wrong’.

    photography The Art of Neil Gaiman
    Heyley Cambell
    The Art of Neil Gaiman

    This is the utterly comprehensive, lavishly illustrated, fully authorized account of the life and work of one of the world’s great storytellers. Neil Gaiman is a novelist, comics writer, scriptwriter, poet, and occasional artist, and this gem tells the full story of his amazing creative life. Never-before-seen manuscripts, notes, cartoons, drawings, and personal photographs from Neil’s own archive are complemented by artwork and sketches from all of his major works and his own intimate recollections. Each project is examined in turn, from genesis to fruition, and positioned in the wider narrative of Gaiman’s creative life, affording unparalleled access to the inner workings of the writer’s mind. (-Harper Design)

    literary collections Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience
    Compiled by Shaun Usher
    Letters of Note : Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience -- Hardback (Main)

    Letters – written, typed, scribbled, or doodled – are highly personal property for both the writer and the receiver. A letter is created by thoughts and sentiments from the writer to the receiver, especially for the receiver; and only him/her will fully understand the meaning and the weight of its content. Through Letters of Note, we become like voyeurs peeping into a wealth of private correspondences that are humourous, tragic, romantic and inspiring, written by remarkable people such as Hunter S. Thompson, Louis Armstrong, Virginia Woolf, E. B. White, Roald Dahl, Elvis Presley, Amelia Earhart, Leonardo da Vinci, Mario Puzo, James Cameron, and more. It’s a treasurable keep for readers who appreciate the art and power of correspondence.

    food & crafts Sweet Paul Eat & Make: Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love
    Paul Lowe
    Sweet Paul Eat & Make : Charming Recipes and Kitchen Crafts You Will Love

    If you have any love of things charming and creative, you may already have heard of blogger and food/craft stylist Paul Lowe. It all started in 2007 with his Sweet Paul blog, where he began by featuring the work he did for his clients as well as crafts and recipes. By 2009, he was planning a magazine which focuses on making things and delectable food. Collecting some of his choice features, Sweet Paul Eat & Make is an amalgamation of food and craft – a message that spells out how much a ‘make’ lifestyle is becoming a norm rather than a rarity; that more and more people enjoy the hands-on experience of cooking and crafting as opposed to the fast-food/why-make-when-you-can-buy mindset of yesterday.

    young adult The End Games
    T.Michael martin
    The End Games (Reprint)

    The world ended on Halloween, and most of the remaining humans are scattered, hiding or running away from the Bellows. In West Virginia, Michael is travelling with his autistic 5-year-old brother, Patrick; in order to keep them both safe, he needs to make sure that Patrick keeps calm. So he tells Patrick that they’re playing a game – if they successfully kill or evade all the Bellows, they might win the game and find their way back to their mother. But the Bellows are getting smarter, and as they find a group of survivors, events that threaten to tear apart Michael’s carefully constructed fantasy world. Those looking for fast-paced action, creepy monsters, and a creative take on the post-apocalyptic trope will definitely find that – and more – in Martin’s debut novel.

    children's picture book Books Always Everywhere
    Jane Blatt & (illus) Sarah Massini
    Books Always Everywhere

    Books that encourage reading are not a necessity because with any right book, and an advocate, a child can be easily turned into a lover of books. But, all the same, there’s something magnetic about books that celebrate reading and books  -- Jane Blatt’s simple offering together with Sarah Massini’s complementary artwork is an endearing tribute to books in all its shapes, sizes, uses and the immortal idea of reading fun and books being everywhere!




    打開本書,你可以看到古希臘神話中的邪惡妖魔,騎著掃把的長髮女巫,可愛精靈... ...這些兒時枕邊的故事主角,歷久彌新的妖怪形象,都會一一現身,重現經典光芒。


    旅行 拼死也要去的世界絕景



    繪本 野貓軍團烤麵包
    野貓軍團烤麵包 哇!竟然烤出一個超級無敵大的麵包……
    漫畫 鐵路便當之旅 東北篇(全)
    監修:櫻井寬, 作畫:早瀨淳
    鐵路便當之旅 東北篇(全) 311大地震與福島第一核電廠的意外事故,給日本的東北地方造成非常嚴重的打擊。大介因為擔心災區的狀況與鐵路便當業者在地震之後的狀況,於是決定啟程前往災區進行一趟激勵鐵路便當業者之旅。

    田中智のミニチュアコレクション nu 2

    田中智 著

    田中智のミニチュアコレクション - nunu’s house2 Handmade Series 你的心裡還住著小王子嗎?中.英.法三種版本皆按照故事情節穿插經典小王子彩圖,不論閱讀哪個版本,都能搭配插圖深切感受經典原作的雋永魅力。美術紙彩印典藏書封!




    今すぐ作ろう!おしゃれガ-ルのぐるぐるブレスレット 主婦の友生活シリ-ズ 大人気のラップタイプのブレスレットを中心に様々なおしゃれブレスが作れる本。全47点材料キット通販つきで材料集めの心配なし!

    BRAVELY DEFAULT Design Works: THE ART OF BRAVELY 2010-2013

    Peter Brown

    BRAVELY DEFAULT Design Works THE ART OF ""吉田明彦をはじめとする豪華アーティストが手がけた600点を超える設定画を、アーティスト自身による解説コメントとともに一挙掲載。『ブレイブリーデフォルトフライングフェアリー』のキャラクター、ジョブ、背景、モンスター、アイテムなどのあらゆる設定画はもちろん、『ブレイブリーデフォルトフォーザ・シークウェル』、『ブレイブリーデフォルトプレイングブレージュ』、そして『光の4戦士ファイナルファンタジー外伝』のイラストも収録。意!為什麼不離開這座煩悶的城市到野外去探險呢?



    アリのおでかけ こどもMOEのえほん アリさんたち、バスでぶーぶーどこいくの?ページをめくるたびに楽しい発見が!わくわくがいっぱいつまった読み聞かせにぴったりな絵本です。1歳から。