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Maths 1001 : Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics -- Paperback: Elwes, Dr. Richard: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Maths 1001 : Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics -- Paperback
Maths 1001 : Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics -- Paperback
Published Date : 2010/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781848660632

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Introduction                                       6  (2)
    Numbers                                        8  (70)
      The Basics                                   10 (4)
      Arithmetic                                   14 (8)
      Number Systems                               22 (5)
      Rational Numbers                             27 (4)
      Factors and Multiples                        31 (4)
      Induction                                    35 (2)
      Representation of Numbers                    37 (9)
      Transcendental Numbers                       46 (2)
      Ruler and Compass Constructions              48 (6)
      Diophantine Equations                        54 (10)
      Prime Numbers                                64 (14)
    Geometry                                       78 (78)
      Euclidean Geometry                           80 (6)
      Triangles                                    86 (6)
      Circles                                      92 (4)
      Polygons and Polyhedra                       96 (9)
      Transformations                              105(3)
      Tessellations                                108(6)
      Curves and Surfaces                          114(6)
      Polar Coordinates                            120(5)
      Discrete Geometry                            125(4)
      Differential Geometry                        129(3)
      Topology                                     132(7)
      Knot Theory                                  139(3)
      Non-Euclidean Geometry                       142(1)
      Algebraic Topology                           143(2)
      Algebraic Geometry                           145(7)
      Diophantine Geometry                         152(4)
    Algebra                                        156(34)
      Letters for Numbers                          158(3)
      Equations                                    161(6)
      Vectors and Matrices                         167(10)
      Group Theory                                 177(8)
      Abstract Algebra                             185(5)
    Discrete Mathematics                           190(12)
      Combinatorics                                192(3)
      Graph Theory                                 195(4)
      Ramsey Theory                                199(3)
    Analysis                                       202(54)
      Sequences                                    204(4)
      Series                                       208(4)
      Continuity                                   212(3)
      Differential Calculus                        215(9)
      Integral Calculus                            224(6)
      Complex Analysis                             230(3)
      Power Series                                 233(2)
      Exponentiation                               235(5)
      Fractals                                     240(4)
      Dynamical Systems                            244(4)
      Differential Equations                       248(3)
      Fourier Analysis                             251(5)
    Logic                                          256(46)
      Basic Logic                                  258(1)
      The Science of Deduction                     259(11)
      Set Theory                                   270(10)
      Hilbert's program                            280(5)
      Complexity theory                            285(5)
      Computability theory                         290(4)
      Model Theory                                 294(3)
      Uncertainty and Paradoxes                    297(5)
    Metamathematics                                302(16)
      What Mathematicians Do                       304(5)
      Mathematics and Technology                   309(4)
      Philosophies of Mathematics                  313(5)
    Probability & Statistics                       318(32)
      Statistics                                   320(7)
      Probability                                  327(8)
      Probability Distributions                    335(6)
      Stochastic Processes                         341(2)
      Cryptography                                 343(7)
    Mathematical Physics                           350(42)
      Newtonian Mechanics                          352(4)
      Waves                                        356(3)
      Fields and Flows                             359(7)
      Special Relativity                           366(7)
      Gravity                                      373(4)
      Quantum Mechanics                            377(9)
      Quantum Field Theory                         386(6)
    Games and Recreation                           392(19)
      Game Theory                                  394(5)
      Fibonacci                                    399(5)
      Puzzles and Perplexities                     404(7)
Index                                              411

Maths 1001 provides clear and concise explanations of the most fascinating and fundamental mathematical concepts. Distilled into 1001 bite-sized mini-essays arranged thematically, this unique reference book moves steadily from the basics through to the most advanced of ideas, making it the ideal guide for novices and mathematics enthusiasts. Whether used as a handy reference, an informal self-study course or simply as a gratifying dip-in, this book offers - in one volume - a world of mathematical knowledge for the general reader. Maths 1001 is an incredibly comprehensive guide, spanning all of the key mathematical fields including Numbers, Geometry, Algebra, Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Logic and the Philosophy of Maths, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Probability and Puzzles and Mathematical Games. From zero and infinity to relativity and Godel's proof that maths is incomplete, Dr Richard Elwes explains the key concepts of mathematics in the simplest language with a minimum of jargon.Along the way he reveals mathematical secrets such as how to count to 1023 using just 10 fingers and how to make an unbreakable code, as well as answering such questions as: Are imaginary numbers real? How can something be both true and false? Why is it impossible to draw an accurate map of the world? And how do you get your head round the mind-bending Monty Hall problem? Extensive, enlightening and entertaining, this really is the only maths book anyone would ever need to buy.

Introduction. NumbersNumbers; Factors and Multiples; Induction; Representation of Numbers; Transcendental Numbers; Ruler and Compass; Constructions; Diophantine Equations; Prime Numbers. Geometry: Euclidean Geometry; Triangles; Circles; Polygons and Polyhedra; Transformations; Tessellations; Curves and Surfaces; Polar Coordinates; Discrete Geometry; Differential Geometry; Topology; Knot Theory; Non-Euclidean Geometry; Algebraic Topology; Algebraic Geometry; Diophantine Geometry. Algebra: Letters for Numbers; Equations; Vectors and Matrices; Group Theory; Abstract Algebra. Discrete Mathematics: Combinations; Graph Theory; Ramsey Theory. Analysis: Sequences; Series; Continuity; Differential Calculus; Integral Calculus; Complex Analysis; Power Series; Exponentiation; Fractals; Dynamical Systems; Differential Equations; Fourier Analysis. Logic: Basic Logic; The Science of Deduction; Set Theory; Hilbert's program; Complexity theory; Computability theory; Model Theory; Uncertainty and Paradoxes. Metamathematics: What Mathematicians Do; Mathematics and Technology; Philosophies of Mathematics. Probability and Statistics: Statistics; Probability; Probability Distributions; Stochastic Processes; Cryptography. Mathematical Physics: Newtonian Mathematics; Waves; Fields and Flows; Special Relativity; Gravity; Quantum Mechanics; Quantum Field Theory. Games and Recreation: Game Theory; Fibonacci; Puzzles and Perplexities. Index.