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Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness : Walking the Path of the Buddha: Gunaratana, Henepola: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness : Walking the Path of the Buddha
Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness : Walking the Path of the Buddha
Publisher : Wisdom Pubns
Published Date : 2001/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780861711765

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Language : English
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Book Description
Source: ENG
Place of Publication: United States
Publishers Weekly Religion Titles Fall/Winter 1997 (And Ongoing)
Publishers Weekly Spring Announcements 1998 (And Ongoing)
Library Journal - Consumer Health Supplement 2001
ForeWord Magazine Reviews 2001 July
PW Reviews 2001 April #2
Table of Contents
Acknowledgments                                    ix
        List of Abbreviations                      xi
Introduction                                       1  (2)
    The Buddha's Discovery                         3  (9)
    Supports for Practice                          12 (5)
    Beginning a Practice of Mindfulness            17 (8)
  Skillful Understanding                           25 (32)
    Understanding Cause and Effect                 27 (3)
    Understanding the Four Noble Truths            30 (21)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Understanding          51 (6)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       54 (3)
  Skillful Thinking                                57 (34)
    Letting Go                                     58 (7)
    Loving-Friendliness                            65 (9)
    Compassion                                     74 (7)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Thinking               81 (10)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       88 (3)
  Skillful Speech                                  91 (18)
    Speak the Truth                                93 (2)
    Words Are Not Weapons                          95 (1)
    Speak Softly                                   96 (3)
    Avoid Useless Chatter                          99 (3)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Speech                 102(7)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       107(2)
  Skillful Action                                  109(24)
    The Five Precepts                              109(1)
    Ethics in Action                               110(13)
    Higher Precepts for Laypeople                  123(4)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Action                 127(6)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       131(2)
  Skillful Livelihood                              133(16)
    Questions for Assessing Skillful Livelihood    134(7)
    Finding Skillful Livelihood                    141(5)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Livelihood             146(3)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       148(1)
  Skillful Effort                                  149(44)
    The Ten Fetters                                151(7)
    The Five Hindrances                            158(3)
    Four Steps to Skillful Effort                  161(25)
    Remember the Big Picture                       186(1)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Effort                 187(6)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       191(2)
  Skillful Mindfulness                             193(30)
    The Four Foundations of Mindfulness            197(3)
    Mindfulness of the Body                        200(8)
    Mindfulness of Feelings                        208(7)
    Mindfulness of the Mind                        215(1)
    Mindfulness of Mental Objects                  216(7)
      Key Points for the Practice of Skillful      220(3)
  Skillful Concentration                           223(24)
    Wholesome Concentration                        224(3)
    The Stages of Full Concentration               227(10)
    Mindfulness of Skillful Concentration          237(10)
      Key Points for Mindfulness of Skillful       243(4)
The Promise of the Buddha                          247(10)
    Enlightenment                                  250(3)
    ``Come and See''                               253(4)
Suggested Further Reading                          257(4)
Index                                              261(6)
About the Author                                   267
The author plumbs the "Eightfold Path" of Buddhism for advice on how to live life with the proper attention to understanding, thinking, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration.