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Howard Gardner under Fire : The Rebel Psychologist Faces His Critics (Under Fire Series): Gardner, Howard/ Schaler, Jeffrey A. (EDT): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Howard Gardner under Fire : The Rebel Psychologist Faces His Critics (Under Fire Series)
Howard Gardner under Fire : The Rebel Psychologist Faces His Critics (Under Fire Series)
Publisher : Open Court Pub Co
Published Date : 2006/11
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780812696042

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A11440000
Place of Publication: United States
Textual Format: Readings/Anthologies
Academic Level: Extracurricular
Choice Reviews 2007 July
ForeWord Magazine Reviews 2007 May/June
YBP Core US Academic Titles - 2007
Table of Contents
About the Authors                                  x
Acknowledgments                                    xvi
Introduction by Jeffrey A. Schaler                 xvii
A Blessing of Influences by Howard Gardner         1   (32)
    1 What Develops (and How?)
      DEANNA KUHN                                  33  (6)
    2 Becoming Responsible for Who We Are: The
    Trouble with Traits
      DAVID R. OLSON                               39  (6)
    3 Multiple Invalidities
      JOHN WHITE                                   45  (28)
    4 Geocentric Theory: A Valid Alternative to
    Gardner's Theory of Intelligence
      NATHAN BRODY                                 73  (22)
    5 Is the Ability to Make a Bacon Sandwich a
    Mark of Intelligence?, and Other Issues:
    Some Reflections on Gardner's Theory of
    Multiple Intelligences
      SUSAN M. BARNETT, STEPHEN J. CECI, and       95  (20)
    6 On Spirituality
      T.M. LUHRMANN                                115 (28)
    7 Creativity in Creating Minds
      DEAN KEITH SIMONTON                          143 (26)
    8 Creativity Is Always Personal and Only
    Sometimes Social
      MARK A. RUNCO                                169 (14)
    9 Gardner on Leadership
      ROBERT SPILLANE                              183 (20)
  10 The Second Gardner's Late Shift: From
  Psychology to Outer Space?
      CARLOS E. VASCO                              203 (14)
  11 Changing Minds About Good Work?
      ANNA CRAFT                                   217 (14)
  12 Artful Practice: A Reflexive Analysis
      GRAEME SULLIVAN                              231 (24)
  13 Considering the U-Curve
      DAVID PARISER                                255 (22)
Replies to My Critics
  HOWARD GARDNER                                   277 (68)
      Reply to Deanna Kuhn                         286 (3)
      Reply to David Olson                         289 (6)
      Reply to John White                          295 (2)
      Reply to Nathan Brody                        297 (3)
      Reply to Susan Barnett, Stephen Ceci, and    300 (2)
      Wendy Williams
      Reply to Tanya Luhrmann                      302 (6)
      Reply to Dean Keith Simonton                 308 (5)
      Reply to Mark Runco                          313 (3)
      Reply to Robert Spillane                     316 (6)
      Reply to Carlos Vasco                        322 (7)
      Reply to Anna Craft                          329 (4)
      Reply to Graeme Sullivan                     333 (3)
      Reply to David Pariser                       336 (9)
Howard Gardner Bibliography                        345 (52)
Index                                              397

Thirteen critical essays challenge Howard Gardner's theories of multiple intelligences, ability traits, U-shaped curves in development, and other psychological concepts of spirituality, creativity, and leadership. All are answered by Gardner himself, and his pungent replies, coupled with the essays, create a provocative, no-holds-barred debate. Also included are an intellectual autobiography and bibliography.