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Why Mr. Right Can't Find You : The Surprising Answers That Will Change Your Life...and His: Kearns, J. M.: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Why Mr. Right Can't Find You : The Surprising Answers That Will Change Your Life...and His
Why Mr. Right Can't Find You : The Surprising Answers That Will Change Your Life...and His
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Inc
Published Date : 2008/01
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780470154595

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Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A11701500
Place of Publication: United States
Academic Level: Extracurricular
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Table of Contents
Preface                                            xv
Introduction                                       1  (14)
  PART ONE: Finding Mr. Right in the Real World
    Is There Really a Mr. Right For You?
      Three Myths that Cloud the Picture           15 (6)
    Before You Can Mate, You Have To Meet
      The Underrated Chance Encounter              21 (4)
    How Men Choose Women
      The Concept of a Sighting                    25 (14)
    How Women Choose Men
      Or, What You Don't Always Admit              39 (6)
    The Perfect Place To Meet                      45 (44)
    The Truth About Bars
      Why the Smart Woman Keeps an Open Mind       61 (8)
      about Them
    Why Women Don't Go to Bars Alone
      Six Myths Not to Live By                     69 (14)
    Going Out Alone
      Warning: This Could Lead to Fabulous         83 (6)
    A Chapter in Transition                        89 (88)
  PART TWO: Recognizing Mr. Right: The True and
  False Signs of Compatibility
    Compatibility 101
      Baggage, Sex, Love, and Trust                93 (18)
    Compatibility 201
      Friendship with a Twist                      111(4)
    Personality and Emotional Makeup
      Manly Men, Neurotics, and Hopeless           115(14)
    Sense of Humor
      The Fingerprint of the Soul                  129(8)
    Sexual Compatibility
      Featuring the Two Types of Kisser,           137(12)
      Foreplay, and Orgasm (Go ahead, read this
      chapter first...)
    Body Issues
      Dubious Norms that Shouldn't Rule            149(6)
    Life Goals and Agenda
      Cabinet Men, Debtors, and Tormented          155(14)
      Not Excluding Sports, TV, and Pets           169(8)
    Family and Other Values                        177(92)
  PART THREE: Finding Mr. Right Online
    Why Online is the Answer to Your Prayers
      (Even if Your Mom Sees Your Ad)              187(10)
    Overview of the Process
      Scanning, Signing Up, and Subscribing        197(4)
    Look Before You Pay
      The Joys of Free Searching                   201(6)
    Headline and Introduction
      How to Make Them Sing                        207(10)
    Photo Philosophy
      Why You Need to Post Photos                  217(6)
    A Good Photo
      What to Shoot For                            223(6)
    Honesty and Body Image
      How the Internet Can Set You Free            229(4)
    Choosing a Dating Site
      A Portrait of Three Top Sites                233(8)
    Matchmaking Sites
      The Curious Case of             241(10)
    Getting to Know Him
      Weeding out Mr. Wrongs, Giving Locator       251(10)
      Information, and the First Phone Call
    The First In-Person Meeting
      Fearlessly Facing the Possibilities (One     261(8)
      of Which is Very Good)
Acknowledgments                                    269

How many of us never meet the person with whom we could be happy? How many of us limit our romantic choice to the people who happen to wash up on our shore? In "Why Mr Right Can't Find You," J.M. Kearns, Ph. D., shows that finding true love can be a proactive adventure. In chapters like How Men See Women, The Underrated Chance Encounter, and The Truth About Bars, J.M. Kearns lays bare the surprising vulnerabilities of the single male, and the power they confer on women. Men, he explains, are not shallow, not the enemy, and not aliens from Mars. In fact, the good man who is searching for you is your greatest ally, and Kearns shows you exactly how to take advantage of that fact. In the process he overturns the classic dating myths - that destiny chose the "one and only" man for you, that baggage is bad, that all men prefer the same body type - and solves the fascinating riddle of compatibility, with a hilarious and practical guide to the factors that make two people click, illustrated with real-life vignettes straight from the dating trenches. Finally, in a full online dating section, Kearns (who met his partner online) gives clear, simple advice on sites, photo sets, matchmaking, body issues, and that crucial first meeting.


"If you've been on the lookout for ages but still haven't found The One, this is for'll be in the arms of your true love in no time!"
--"OK! Magazine"

"A literary MRI of the male brain."
--Georgie Banks, "CBC News Viewpoint."

"Kearns insists it's really not difficult to direct the right man to you, whether it's online, someone you already know, or a total stranger. So read this, sit back and wait for the offers to pour in... Kearns says we should break the mentality of 'acceptable' places and realize 'any time is a good time to meet Mr. Right.' And sadly, men can't read our minds to establish our interest, so direct him to you."