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Moominpappa's Memoirs (Moomin) (Reprint): Jansson, Tove/ Warburton, Thomas (TRN): BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Moominpappa's Memoirs (Moomin) (Reprint)
Moominpappa's Memoirs (Moomin) (Reprint)
Publisher : Square Fish
Published Date : 2010/04
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780312625436

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Language : English

Book Description
Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: X01831000 X01821000
Place of Publication: United States
Continuations: Monograph Series,any number
Core CATS Juvenile Fiction
Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
Growing Minds-March 2010
Table of Contents
MOOMIN GALLERY                                     IX
PROLOGUE                                           XIII
PREFACE                                            XVII
CHAPTER 1 In which I tell of my misunderstood      1
childhood, of the first Experience in my life
and the tremendous night of my escape, and of
my historic meeting with Hodgkins.
CHAPTER 2 Introducing the Muddler and the          24
Joxter in my Memoirs, presenting Edward the
Booble, and giving a spirited account of the
Oshun Oxtra and its matchless launching.
CHAPTER 3 Recapitulating my first heroic rescue    42
feat, its staggering outcome, a few thoughts,
and a description of the behaviour of Niblings.
CHAPTER 4 In which the description of my ocean     66
voyage culminates in a magnificent tempest and
ends in a terrible surprise.
CHAPTER 5 In which (after giving a small           80
specimen of my intellectual powers) I describe
the Mymble family and the great Surprise Party
that brought me some fascinating tokens of
honor from the paw of the Autocrat.
CHAPTER 6 In which I found a colony, suffer a      102
crisis, and call forth the Ghost of Horror
CHAPTER 7 In which I describe the triumphant       125
unveiling of the converted Oshun Oxtra and an
eventful trial dive to the bottom of the sea.
CHAPTER 8 In which I give an account of the        141
circumstances of the Muddler's wedding further
touch slightly on my dramatic meeting with
Moominmamma, and finally write the profound
closing words of my Memoirs.
EPILOGUE                                           160
Tone Janson and the Moomins                        166
A Timeline Full of Fun Facts About the World of    168