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Organizing Genius : The Secrets of Creative Collaboration: Bennis, Warren G./ Biederman, Patricia Ward: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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Organizing Genius : The Secrets of Creative Collaboration
Organizing Genius : The Secrets of Creative Collaboration
Publisher : Basic Books
Published Date : 1998/06
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780201339895

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Language : English

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Source: ENG
Academic Descriptors: A48404000
Academic Level: Undergraduate
LJ Reviews 1997 January
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This volume captures the spirit of discovery that pervades "Great Groups". It describes the free-form organization of such teams, more interested in their mission than their hierarchy. The authors discuss how "Great Groups" believe both that they're underdogs up against a powerful foe and that they're bound to succeed. The book also illuminates the roles of a "Great Group" leader as a gatherer of talent, a source of inspiration and a bridge to the outside world. Today, organizations require creative thinking from every member, not just a few. The world's complexity and pace mean that people can no longer rely on individual leaders and "Lone Rangers" to solve problems. Rather, people must learn to work together, to identify their own missions, to form their own "Great Groups". The stories and advice from the book show readers how. Warren Bennis is the author of "On Becoming a Leader", "Leaders" and "Learning to Lead".

* Foreword Charles Handy * Introduction * The End of the Great Man * Troupe Disney * A Computer with a Rebel Heart * Selling a Place Called Hope * The Skunk Works * Experiment at Black Mountain * The Manhattan Project * Take-Home Lessons