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The 4-hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich: Ferriss, Timothy: BOOKS KINOKUNIYA
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The 4-hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich
The 4-hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich
Publisher : Vermilion
Published Date : 2011/01
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780091929114

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Book Description
Table of Contents
Preface to the Expanded and Updated Edition        xi
  First and Foremost
      FAQ---Doubters Read This                     3  (2)
      My Story and Why You Need This Book          5  (7)
      Chronology of a Pathology                    12 (7)
  Step I D is for Definition
    1 Cautions and Comparisons: How to Burn        19 (9)
    $1,000,000 a Night
    2 Rules That Change the Rules: Everything      28 (10)
    Popular Is Wrong
    3 Dodging Bullets: Fear-Setting and            38 (10)
    Escaping Paralysis
    4 System Reset: Being Unreasonable and         48 (19)
  Step II E is for Elimination
    5 The End of Time Management: Illusions and    67 (19)
    6 The Low-Information Diet: Cultivating        86 (8)
    Selective Ignorance
    7 Interrupting Interruption and the Art of     94 (27)
  Step III A is for Automation
    8 Outsourcing Life: Off-loading the Rest       121(29)
    and a Taste of Geoarbitrage
    9 Income Autopilot I: Finding the Muse         150(29)
    10 Income Autopilot II: Testing the Muse       179(21)
    11 Income Autopilot III: MBA---Management      200(27)
    by Absence
  Step IV L is for Liberation
    12 Disappearing Act: How to Escape the         227(14)
    13 Beyond Repair: Killing Your Job             241(10)
    14 Mini-Retirements: Embracing the Mobile      251(36)
    15 Filling the Void: Adding Life After         287(15)
    Subtracting Work
    16 The Top 13 New Rich Mistakes                302(9)
      The Last Chapter: An E-mail You Need to      305(6)
  Last but Not Least
      The Best of the Blog
        The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen       311(2)
        Things I`ve Loved and Learned in 2008      313(4)
        How to Travel the World with 10 Pounds     317(3)
        or Less
        The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6            320(4)
        Formulas for More Output and Less
        The Not-to-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now   324(3)
        The Margin Manifesto: 11 Tenets for        327(5)
        Reaching (or Doubling) Profitability in
        3 Months
        The Holy Grail: How to Outsource the       332(4)
        Inbox and Never Check E-mail Again
        Tim Ferriss Processing Rules               336(9)
      Proposal to Work Remotely on A Contract      345(34)
        Living The 4-Hour Workweek: Case           351(20)
        Studies, Tips, and Hacks
        Zen and the Art of Rock Star Living
        Art Lovers Wanted
        Photo Finish
        Virtual Law
        Taking Flight with Ornithreads
        Off-the-Job Training
        The 4-Hour Family and Global Education
        Doctor`s Orders
        Financial Musing
        Who Says Kids Hold You Back?
        Working Remotely
        Killing Your BlackBerry
        Star Wars, Anyone?
        Restricted Reading: The Few that Matter    371(6)
        Bonus Material                             377(2)
        How to Get $250,000 of Advertising for
        How to Learn Any Language in 3 Months
        Muse Math: Predicting the Revenue of
        Any Product
        Licensing: From Tae Bo to Teddy Ruxpin
        Real Licensing Agreement with Real
        Online Round-the-World (RTW) Trip
Acknowledgments                                    379(4)
Index                                              383

Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan - there is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, or just living more and working less, this book is the blueprint. This step-by step guide to luxury lifestyle design teaches: how Tim went from $40,000 dollars per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per MONTH and 4 hours per week; how to outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want; how blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs; how to eliminate 50 per cent of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist; and, how to trade a long-haul career for short work bursts and frequent 'mini-retirements'.This new updated and expanded edition includes: more than 50 practical tips and case studies from readers (including families) who have doubled their income, overcome common sticking points, and reinvented themselves using the original book as a starting point; real-world templates you can copy for eliminating email, negotiating with bosses and clients, or getting a private chef for less than GBP5 a meal; how lifestyle design principles can be suited to unpredictable economic times; and, the latest tools and tricks, as well as high-tech shortcuts, for living like a diplomat or millionaire without being either.
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